November giggle blog

It’s time for a giggle on my blog. Well, the first one is I’m doing nano,
I was going to add buddies, but not sure how, and I’m quite busy writing as you all probably are… We were having a family gathering last Sunday, as daughter Ann popped over from Melton. Whenever I’m with our grown up children, there’s always a giggle around.
IMG-20130702-WA000 (2)
We got to talking about when our eldest son came up from Torquay in his latest car; he’s not really a car fanatic, and has one with wheels that gets him from a – b. Now, he always parks on the road, and we made a huge fuss about, ‘put it up on the drive’ so that he wouldn’t get a scratch on it. Thing is, he was here for a few days, and once when I took our car out, I reversed in and ‘phew’ just at the last minute remembered his car was there. Then, later his dad popped out, and whizzed back in, and only remembered his car was there when he felt the slight bump of our tyre on the bonnet. He felt bad of course, and our Son wasn’t overly bothered, but they were having a great giggle at the way their dad made light of it. (Really of course, he was devastated, but tried to hide it) So, they were having a laugh at that, then youngest Son added, ‘he did the same to me, and then made out it was me, by saying, oh you don’t normally park there.) It was funny to laugh at that, so never park behind us. Then Alan went on to tell us about when his Dad taught him to drive. Doing a hill start, backwards, and through a gate, half way up a mountain….. so we blame that for his reversing habits.
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Just finished work for the weekend, and on Monday, I’m in a different department. But good news is that I’ve gone past three months, and nobody’s tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘oi, what are you still doing here’ so I keep turning up, and answering the calls.

Now, I’m writing the novel. If anyone knows how to add buddies, let me know, thanks. More news soon.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

8 thoughts on “November giggle blog”

    1. Hi Linda, yes, I’m galloping away at the moment, and there’s a lot more pace to it when you can write without editing. Usually, I get comfortable, my characters are comfortable, and it’s all too ‘comfortable’ I have had more arguments with the people, and it seems to be more real when I write in a hurry… Then again, they’ll all probably be burned out next week. My main character is contemplating jumping in the canal on the way home, but managed to stop her in time. Talk soon.

    1. Oh, good luck Rosemary, at least we’re having a go, I’ve got my character drunk, almost jumping in the canal, and now she’s off on a coach trip to London. She seems to be a bit reckless because of nano. I planned her to be calm and sophisticated, that’s gone out of the window…..

  1. Good luck with Nano! Sue. Every year I think… Maybe… And every year I’m glad I didn’t. This year, right on cue, this morning, on the first day back after half term, I discover I have my teaching observation next week. While you’re writing, think of me drawing up lesson plans and schemes of work.

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