October giggles, and scarecrow weekend.

I sat next to a girl at work the other day, and after her call, she turned to me and whispered, ‘oh, I think I laughed there when I shouldn’t have.’ Her face was a picture, and then she went on to tell me she had to quickly turn it in to a cough. The lady on the phone was having a rant, about being on benefits, and her life was so bad, then started crying loudly because she wasn’t getting her own way with a face book problem, that was her own fault anyway, so her impulsive giggle, quickly turned in to a cough, that was funny. Another chap, listened to the customer ranting about pay pal for five minutes, then coughed, as he has a cough; the customer told him ‘oh why don’t you go and f’cough, and put the phone down. Maybe it’s one of those things when you have to be there to find it funny, but lots of funnies go on all the time. I had a lady asked me a question, and I meant to mute for a second, while I asked the girl next to me a question, by accident I cut her off!! Luckily, she rang back and the same girl got the call, so I was able to tell her what I’d done so far… which was get all her details, and cut the poor old duck off. I’m past two months on the three months trial period, so another month to go, and I’ll know if I’ve passed the trial test. Will let you know next month.

Ann bought a new car recently. I went up to have a look at it, and apart from telling her I liked the colour, and the seats felt plush, I couldn’t say much else. So, she rounded up her dad to go and have a look. Off they went, and pulled up outside ten minutes later with the hand book, searching for more information on the radio. They were pushing buttons, and twiddling knobs, trying to get it to work. Ann mentioned, ‘should we take a look under the bonnet dad?’ He answered, ‘we won’t find it under there. So we had a giggle, and I left them to it. So after a drive round, she’s now the proud owner of a blue car.
pict0091.jpghappy halloween
Today it’s been lovely and sunny here in the midlands, so after having a chat with our son in Torquay, we’ve been tidying up the garden, and hanging sunflower heads up to dry on the hanging baskets for the birds has been one of the jobs I’ve been doing, also, edging the grass and picking squash from the greenhouse. It’s been scarecrow weekend, in our village. I wondered why a man was dressed like a fireman and cutting a hedge as I dropped our son off at his girlfriends house this evening, then as we drove round the village, we saw a baker, a viking, and by the local school, a whole gang of scarecrows on the roundabout. He thought they looked a bit creepy in the dusk…. Slightly midsummer murders, or Agatha Raisin style.

This is the cover of the book with four stories set in the seventies in. Mine is called ‘High School Blues’ You can download it if you click here.
Four reviews so far, and not the best, but it’s a fun read I think, also, I read in Yours magazine this week that Marc Bolan and T.Rex were the first group to appear at Glastonbury in 1970, this week. The kinks were supposed to be performing, but couldn’t make it. So T.Rex stood in, and had an audience of 1,500. Marc Bolan was paid in installments.

T. Rex, Ride a White Swan.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “October giggles, and scarecrow weekend.”

    1. Hi Wendy, it’s quite hectic, and never a minute, but I do enjoy it. Except for when we have to do the phonetics and people say, ‘oh yes, yes, yes, get on with it.’ We get in trouble if we don’t say w for whiskey, e for echo, n for November and d for delta, then y for yanky Wendy.:))

    1. Yes Patsy, it’s all answering the phone, and helping people with kindle problems, or mobile phone’s gone wrong, things like that. I helped a lady to restart her ifone and connect it to wifi today, can you imagine, she was Italian, and the minute she had all her skype friends back on line again, she said, ‘oh you’re brilliant, thank you and bye…’ She was extremely jolly.

  1. Your job sounds fun – and the people you work with sound like a friendly bunch too which is lovely 🙂

    They have those scarecrow weekends out in the countryside round here and they always give me the heebie jeebies!

    Thank you for all the giggles 🙂 x

    1. Hello Teresa. The first scarecrow looked just like a fireman, in the dusk, up a ladder, trying to climb over a tall hedge. I wondered what was going on until I spotted more. All good fun for the children, I hadn’t got my camera, which was a shame. Yes, the people at work are friendly, and helpful as well.

  2. I would have love to seen pictures of your scarecrows. Glad your job gives you interesting stories which you can use in your writing. Good luck with your book.

    1. Thanks Paula, yes, I wished I’d have had my camera to hand, but it was going dusk at the time, they were good some of them. especially the viking one. It’s a good job for getting names, and accents, and strange stories as well. Thanks for popping by.xx

  3. Glad you were born to boogie as well Linda. Even now if the radio starts up with that opening guitar bit from hot love I have to turn the volume up. It never fails to make me dance and sing.

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