September writing magazine/reading wodehouse

Enjoying the September writing magazine. Full of great articles by lots of great writers, some of whom follow my blog, and others who’s blogs I follow. I’m sure the man with the red pen would change that sentence. It’s great to see the president still writing his column. When I had the writing magazine, years ago, he wrote then, and always with great advice, like ‘it’s good to have a messy desk.’ A man of great intelligence. Lynne Hackles is spot on with ‘get help’ advice in her slot as well. I’m doing just that. I’ve been writing stories for the women’s magazine market for so long now, and getting rejections, but I know I’m not too far off the mark, as they come back weeks later and well thumbed. But I’m in a great critique group, and also, doing a course with Sally Quillford. If I enter a competition and there’s chance of feedback, I go for that option.

Nicola’s article on different aspects of writing is interesting, also great to see your letter there Rosemary, well done on your achievements. Helen always has some good advice; Lorraine’s page makes me smile as well. I could go on a bit more, but all I will say is, ‘if you’re going to subscribe to a writing magazine, this has to be the one.

I read a lot, and this weeks People’s Friend is full of great stories. A faded old book I recently came across in our second hand book shop is called. The indiscretions of Archie by P.g. Wodehouse. It’s so funny you can’t even laugh. You have to read on. Full of great lines you’d never think of. Archie is a bungling kind of chap, who goes around saying ‘what ho’ to everyone, and ends up babysitting a snake, that gets loose of course. He also goes to the auction, and when his friend is talking, nods, then wonders how he came to be the owner of a chair. He tries to help out, but always gets it wrong, but wriggles out of the sticky situation in the end. Great for learning how to make a simple sentence twist and turn like a roller coaster. Now I see how characters can leap off the page. I’m not sure if this was one of the first books P.G. wrote, but it was written in the 1920’s, and is as fresh and funny today as it was then.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

8 thoughts on “September writing magazine/reading wodehouse”

  1. That’s good of you to mention us all, Suzy – I really like Writing Magazine/Writer News and can’t remember how long I’ve been getting it! Love the sound of that old book – pure PG Wodehouse.

  2. Hi Patsy, reviewers say it’s like Wooster without Jeeves. He wrote this before the Jeeves and Wooster ones I think, and it is so funny and clever all at the same time. Great for feeding the mind, with enjoyable words.

  3. This is so true Lynne; I’ve had three letters published over the years on the ‘letters page’ that was exciting. I keep submitting the odd article, and Jonathan always replies, or someone does on his behalf, and I find them all to be very polite. Now I’m settling in to my job, I’m thinking of doing one of the courses in the New Year as well. I always enjoy your slot Lynne, and the interesting topics you come up with…. Keep on writing…xx

  4. Now why am I not surprised that you like P.G.Wodehouse? His books are one long giggle, aren’t they? The last one I read was ‘Leave it to Psmith’ – a daft tale about mistaken identities and everyone getting the wrong end of the stick – wonderful nonsense!

    1. Yes, I remember P.Smith, wasn’t it with a silent’ P or something daft like that Linda? I think he’s in his club and watching a woman over the road, and the umbrellas get mixed up and other whacky stuff. I love the world he creates, where nobody works, as they’ve all got a well off relative who pays them to go and stay with another relative. Simply magic…..

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