Job news, acceptances and a giggle or two.

Well, here we are going in to September. We’ve just got back from a relaxing weekend in Wales. Picking up Mum in law from Alan’s brothers, yesterday morning, then we had first class fish and chips on the prom in Barmouth. She was glad to have a sit down and relax, and we did the same, before a long and fabulous beach walk. I’ve had a massive attack of hay fever as we live among fields of hay that are being busily cut and rolled up by the farmers. They’re great to see, but play havoc with my throat and breathing, so to get some delicious sea air was just the tonic. Especially as my job is talking on the phone. I had to keep pressing the mute button while I had a coughing fit, then stuff herbal sweets in my mouth, and keep sipping lemon and honey at the same time. So the two day break has done the world of good in lots of ways. I had a little old lady who had the same name as a Hollywood film star. She was convinced her email is, ‘her name at’ I had a job convincing her ‘could it be hotmail? oh yes, hot-point is my washing machine isn’t it? I’m starting week 7 of the job tomorrow, so I’ll be glad when I get past the 3 month trial period. All my family say, ‘stop worrying’ but you never feel quite right until past that point do you?

I’m a cover girl… That’s me, the baby with my grandma and grandad (black and white picture) on the front of September Best of British magazine. On the top right hand side there, and my article is in the magazine. They’ve called it ‘Market memories’ so I’m extremely proud of that. It’s thrilling to be in the same issue as my favorite Wodehouse characters Jeeves and Wooster, and Alan’s fave car, e-type jag. Also, on the Alfie dog website, somebody, and thank you if it’s you… you know who you are.. for downloading and reading Lavender days. It’s about Gladys and Marie, and their Mum’s piano.
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Our Son came to visit from Torquay on Bank Holiday Monday. That same day, an old man rang in to ask if his recorder was compatible with his computer. I told him I’d have a look with the manufacturer. He kept saying. ‘Oh, clever girl, fancy you being able to tell me that….. I had to remind him, well I haven’t yet. On the skype link where we ask the rest of the rooms advice, all they could tell me was, not sure.. in other words than that. Thankfully, when I arranged for the manufacturers to ring him and advise, they did just that. I had an email from him the next day saying, ‘what ho’ it is compatible, and hope your Son arrived safely. Can you imagine, he was in his mid nineties, and writing his memoirs as he was a fighter pilot in the second world war…. what a privilege to speak to such a man. Impeccable manners as well.
So far on the phone, I’ve spoken to a seventies singer, someone with the same name, someone with my son’s name, husband’s name, Hollywood film star, and a rhyming name. Like for instance Betty Letty, only in the contract, we’re not supposed to talk about people for obvious reasons, but we also have to do phonetics. S for sierra u for uniform etc. So when I had an Italian lady who was Mariolettio, Spandanglallochancccheeetio. or something similar, they’ll hear me when they listen in to the call saying. “Oh, right then, herrm heerm Is that starting with M for mike??? Oh, goodness me, and some people get cross and hate phonetics. One old man said to me, ‘Will you stop talking silly and just say it!! I had to tell him I don’t normally speak like this… On the day our Son was coming, I also had a message from the h.r lady. I mixed up the calls, and sent her a message thinking she was our son, ending with off to work now, love you… I wondered why they were all so smiley smiley when I walked in. She said, oh well at least you didn’t say ‘I’m’ off to that ***!!!*** place where I work. Oops, that was a close one. Glad they saw the funny side. Until next time…
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My home education article is here. Teaching your child from home.

18 thoughts on “Job news, acceptances and a giggle or two.

    • Now Wendy, you need to go and buy it to see my picture on the front, and my article in there. It’s about growing up in the 60’s. It’s a lovely nostalgic magazine. I had an article in there a couple of years ago as well. About camping…

    • I know Teresa, could have been much worse. Don’t know what came over me. Like the time a man said, ‘oh it is nice to talk to a real person’ and for some reason, my head told my mouth to say, ‘yes I am a robot and not a person…. no, the other way round. ‘ I think it’s because you are constantly talking that sometimes I get in a babble, quite often actually, it makes them laugh though, so not all bad. Glad you popped by,.xx

  1. This post is the first thing I’ve read today as I wait for the kettle to boil. Thanks for such a cheery start! I’ve had something in BofB, too. It’s a lovely mag that seems to be able to do nostalgia without being rose-tinted about it. Have a good week. 🙂

    • Hi Julia, glad I kept you entertained while waiting for the kettle to boil. I know, I read you article on the student house. It was good. They are a nice group of people. Thanks for popping by.

    • Yes Rosemary, lots and lots. Must make it fiction though, or I’d be in trouble. Some fantastic names, rude ones, funny ones, rhyming ones, like Mavis Davis, but not that, similar. Such fun.xx

    • Thank you for popping by Lynne. I thought of you the other day when a man in his 90’s told me he used to be a fighter pilot in the 2ndww and he’s writing his memoirs. He wants to get it all down while he’s of sound mind. He lived down south, how interesting he was. I told him he should get a ghost writer. If I lived closer to him I’d be round there with my notebook.

    • Thanks Tracy, now to conquer the fiction market…. In my dreams maybe. In fact, I did have a dream, where a famous actress came to me and said, ‘why don’t you take your writing seriously???’ It was so vivid, that it made me think that perhaps that thought is at the back of my mind. Thanks for your good wishes, and glad you popped by.

  2. I enjoyed your article in Best of British, Susan, but hadn’t realised you were a cover girl, too. It’s a great mag to write for and such a variety of topics you can consider.
    Interested in your footnote regarding the Teach Your Child at Home article. Not come across that outlet before.

    • Hello Ann, great to see you here, and thank you for pointing out my article. It was my Mum who proudly told me I was on the front cover. I think I was only a few months old there. In the arms of my loving grandparents. Such lovely people who gave me the love of words and rhymes. Totally4 women welcome all kinds of articles Ann, they’re always looking for more, good luck if you send something in.

  3. Congrats on the article and pleased to hear the job’s going well. Sounds like you’re a natural for it! Your garden’s looking good too – love that sunflower!

    • Thanks Linda for the vote of confidence. I like to keep feeding the flowers so that we have a nice supply into the autumn, or up until first frosts. Yes, the job is going quite well, but I will be glad to be past the 3 months trial period, I’ll breathe a bit easier then. Great to see you here, talk soon.

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