An extra giggle.

I couldn’t resist giving you an extra giggle for August. My two weeks training for my new job is done, and now I’m going into the main room with the others. For the last hour on Friday, I went in there with a teacher by my side, so when the phone rang on Saturday lunch time, and it was work my heart went in my mouth for a minute. Wondering if they were going to say, ‘no you’re not suitable’ I listened to what they had to say. ‘Someone’s rung in sick, can you cover a short shift?’ Phew, that was a relief. I get paid, obviously, and they’re treating me to a £10.00 high street voucher for my trouble, seeing as I’ve only just finished training. When I got there, I was put next to the leader of the weekend afternoon shift, and anything I got stuck with, he scooted across and helped me with. They’re all very friendly, so that’s nice as well. The giggle is that half way through my phone calls, and old man rang in, I said my introduction piece, then by mistake I said, ‘Susan calling’ quickly I had to say, ‘oh no, you’re calling, it’s Susan speaking.’ This made him laugh a lot. Thing is, every phone call gets listened to, then they pick the bones out of it and come back and let you know if you need to improve or change anything. I’m sure that one will get investigated… I’ll let you haircut.


11 thoughts on “An extra giggle.

  1. Aw that’s lovely – at least people are speaking to a real, warm person and not a machine and it’s brilliant that you made him laugh – priceless I should think 🙂 x

      1. You’re welcome, I’ll comment on all of them eventually, it’s a good story. You write with a strong voice. Looking forward to the full kindle version, or the book version.

  2. I agree with Teresa, I’d much rather talk to someone who obviously has a sense of humour – even if they do get a few words wrong – than someone who sounds as though they’re just reading from a script. The company should be very pleased that you’re keeping their customers happy.

    1. Oh I hope you’re right Linda. I’ll breathe a bit more easily when I’ve got through the three months trial. I’ve learned the phonetic alphabet now, I think. I used to say, N for nelly, and e for elephant, now I know it’s e for echo and n for November. One old man said, ‘oh I can tell you’ve been in the military!!! Oh I quickly had to say, no, no. just in case he started on about marches and badges and things. Oh my word. Thanks for popping by.xx

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