August giggle blog

Here we are, going into August already. My new job is going well so far. I’m now taking phone calls, with the assistant manager sitting by my side with those dual headphones on. It’s a bit like when you learn to drive, and you have dual pedal control. Next week, I’ll be live, so looking forward to that.

With the mock call. He said, ‘I’ll skype you over an example of a call you might have.’ So he skyped over ‘what would you say if someone had lost their phone.’ So I skyped back, ‘Oh dear, where do you think you lost it?’ He said, no not really. You’d ask who the service provider is, to report it missing… I could imagine me twenty minutes later going through, now then, shall we go and have a look in the garden? Or maybe it’s stuck down the settee? Good job it was only a mock call.
When we do the greeting, the first time I did it, I said the first part, then ‘what can I do for you?’ The training lady looked shocked for a minute. She said, ‘oh, you threw me there, I haven’t heard that said before.’ It must be that I’m used to being in the shop or on the market, where I say that. Isn’t it funny how we word things? Think I get that one from Dad. He says that, with a clap of his hands usually, then ‘what can I do for you today?’ I was brought up on markets, listening to that kind of chatter all day long, so I’m loving the new job. Imagine, being paid to talk all day, and write in-between.

Another old man spoke for a while, he was an old farmer in the Welsh hills who’d just had a phone put in. He said, ‘I’m sure I know you don’t I?’ I had to say, ‘I bet you probably do yes.’

I like it so far, and I just had a thought (it happens now and then.) In between phone calls, I write articles, and I get paid. So I can say I write for a living.

Find something funny in every day, keep using your chuckle muscles. Until next time, tatty bye….

Hope you enjoy those, I did.


10 thoughts on “August giggle blog

    1. Yes Patsy, I don’t think they want short stories just yet, but at least it’s putting words on a page, and I’m enjoying it, so far. I’m sure something fiction wise will emerge…

    1. Hello Rena, yes, I had to go in tonight. They called me this morning, and as I’ve just finished my two weeks training, my heart went into my mouth for a second. I thought they were going to say, ‘you’re rubbish, we don’t need you’ but it was the opposite. They were down as someone had rung in sick, and asked if I could do a mini shift. It gave me lots of practice and I get paid, and they give me a high street voucher for doing it. I just popped on to your website. Some great pictures, I’ll linger longer next time. Thanks for popping by.

  1. Oh dear – I feel so old! When did job training involve skyping over a sample? LOL!! Oh I must totally move with the times! Glad you are enjoying your job – I think the old fashioned way of greeting should find a place in today’s hurly burly times!
    Take care

    1. And me Kitty, I like to have a chat with people, that’s what makes the world go round. I did a funny thing yesterday. I answered the phone and said my introduction, then said, Susan Calling, then ‘oh no, you’re calling and I’m Susan speaking. So funny…. glad you popped by my friend, take care yourself as well, and love to Charlie and Gumtree.xx

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