Hello blog followers.

I’m on face book now. It’s because at work, we get asked a lot of questions about face book, so I need to be on there in some form, so here is where you can find me. Sue on face book.
Pop in and say hello sometime. The new job is going well, and still doing lots of training. A couple of good items for the August giggle blog, so keep watching out for that. I’m answering an actual call tomorrow. Today, it was a mock call. I’m enjoying writing the articles as well. I now know that you can use a go pro black hero under water, with a filter so that your marine life and coral reef will be shown in better colour definition. Try putting that into a google search and get away with it. Oh, Frankie Howard would have had a field day with that wouldn’t he?

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

16 thoughts on “Hello blog followers.”

  1. I’ve just sent you a friend request on FB 🙂 Glad the new job is going well and looking forward to your August giggles!

    Ooh er missus – titter ye not! 🙂 x

    1. Nay nay, oh go on, Teresa, I mean, fancy me having to write an article about the go pro – it’s a snazzy extreme sports camera. So if anybody rings up needing help with it, it’ll know what to do…. … thanks for the friend request, looking forward to reading yours and Pat’s stories in this weeks p.f. as well.xx

    1. Hi Wendy, I’m not really doing anything worth following Wendy to be honest. I like my blog and website, and linked in, and I’m getting in to the e.stories now as well. I needed to have an account for work, so that’s the reason I’ve got it. I like twitter better, you only have to put a sentence on there. Must save some time for writing, that’s what I like doing best.

    1. Hi Patsy, yes I imagined your Gary would be using the GoPro, It’s a good way to learn about products by writing the articles, then if someone rings up about them, we’ll know what to say. That’s the thought anyway.

  2. Your facebook page is impressive, Sue. I set up a page ages ago and then didn’t know what to do with it. How do you go about getting friends?
    I love the new blog layout by the way. It looks great and glad to hear the job is going well.

    1. Hi Gail, great to hear from you. I needed a face book account for my new job. I could do with getting a kindle as well, but need to wait until I get paid first. You type in writers, then up should come your friends or people you know, and go to People’s Friend, then you’ll see some of the ‘Friend’ writers pop up. Only thing is, my email comes to work from face book. So when I got there today, I had around 50 emails waiting, I thought I’d done something I shouldn’t have for a second, until I saw familiar names, so all’s good. Talk soon.

      1. Hi Sue. I’ve finally worked it out, as you will know by now because we are ‘friends’.
        One thing I can’t figure out though, is how on earth do you add a link to an Amazon book as you’ve done for your Summer Holidays?

      2. Hi Gail. Try this. Go to amazon, and find your book/books. Then, highlight the bar at the top with your mouse. the one with amazon and your book details, then right click the mouse, and select copy. Then go to wherever you want to paste it to, then do left click of the mouse to put the cursor in wherever you want it, then right click and select paste. On face book, I think then, you might get a button to search for your picture, or it might already be there. Hope this helps.

  3. Sorry, I’m not on facebook – not enough hours in the day! But pleased to hear you’re enjoying the job, it sounds ideal for you – plenty of fun!

    1. Hi Linda, I wasn’t on there before, but it’s similar to your blog and websites, but more exposed I think. Glad you popped by. It is quite fun in the job so far. I had an old man in Wales say to me, ‘I think I know you’ I told him, ‘yes I expect you do’

  4. I am late, but congratulations on the new job, Susan! I just started a new one a few months back and it is always tiring at first, but hope it continues to go splendidly for you. Glad you are on Facebook – I sent you a friend request. ‘See’ you there soon, I hope! XO

    1. Hello Diane, hope your job is going well. I’m into my week four of the job now. The first two weeks were training, so I’m still classed as training, but I do take phone calls, and enjoying it, though it’s quite hectic. But I like working hard, so hopefully it will come easier as I get more used to the multitasking side of it. What are you doing? Will go and find you on facebook later as well.

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