Summer Holidays – Story for children.

Here’s me having a go at e.publishing.

new haircut.

Notice that it’s a story, not a novel

My e – story for children. Take a look here

Alex, the boy in the story is nine years old. It’s aimed at children around that age. Then again, I love all children’s stories.

It’s an adventure story; one that you could read to the children while traveling; down to Devon preferably, as it’s set in and around Exmoor. Now don’t all rush to point out any mistakes, this is my first go, so hope somebody somewhere reads it and likes it. I do. I’ve just finished reading this. The double comfort safari club.

By Alexander McCall Smith. He’s an amazing writer, and has a brilliant way with words. When you’ve finished one of his

books, you have to get another. Luckily he writes thousands of words a day. Read about him here.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

14 thoughts on “Summer Holidays – Story for children.”

  1. I’ll check this out properly later, but I just wanted to say that I left a comment on your last post about ‘came as me left as we’, but it disappeared and it might be in your spam folder – I think you saw my post at the weekend where I was saying that this was happening a lot to me on blogs! I think it’s sorted now, but maybe you could rescue my comment from your spam folder if it’s still there!

    1. Thanks Sally, you were in the spam cupboard, don’t know why. Thanks to Vanessa, I’ve found a load of comments from people. Thought it was a bit quiet on the blog front. Glad you like the cover Sally. I noticed after it was live I missed a full stop after the word kitchen on the sample page. Oh, goodness me. I need to practice a bit more I think.

  2. Good luck with Summer Holidays! You’ve certainly picked the perfect time to launch it.
    I like Alexander McCall Smith too, but haven’t read that book yet. Wish I could be as prolific as him (must stop reading blogs and get back to my writing!)

    1. Hi Linda, you were in the spam cupboard, oh that’s awful. I wondered where everyone was. Yes, I wrote the Summer Holidays story a while ago, and wanted to publish it. I ought to have made it longer, but it was how I wanted it to be. I’m going to write more adventures with Alex though. I’m also addicted to blogging, it’s fun isn’t it. Glad I found your comment, and I loved your beach story as well, from Alfie dog.

  3. I wish you every success with your e-book, Susan, especially as it’s set in Exmoor. But can I point out that two-thirds of Exmoor is in Somerset and only a third of it in Devon. There is great, but friendly, rivalry between the two counties here on Exmoor and, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m in the Somerset side – which, of course, is the most beautiful part!

    I’m off to look at your story. Good luck.

    1. Hi Gail, well you live there, lucky you, so you should know. It’s a fun story, so hope you like it if you read it. I’ve got a kindle on my computer now, so I’ll be able to read your lovely stories as well. Thanks for popping by.xx

  4. Thank you Teresa, I think the front cover is fab as well. He’s in his own world there watching the ponies isn’t he? I will be able to read more of yours now I’ve got my kindle back on the pc.xx

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