Out today – ‘Came as ‘me’ left as ‘we” from Alfie dog

Came as me
Left as we.

I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about the launch of :-

‘Came as ‘me, left as we’

A collection of beach reads, ideal for when you get time to relax.

My storyPier into the Future’ along with lots of other great stories, makes this anthology one for your summer-time reading.

All your favorite authors from Alfie dog short-story website, details on Patsy Collins,  blog.

To get your copy, either as a paperback book, or for downloading to kindle


Over a 1,000 stories on the site.



20 thoughts on “Out today – ‘Came as ‘me’ left as ‘we” from Alfie dog

    1. Hi Teresa, I found your comment in the spam cupboard, that’s awful, thanks for the congratulations, not sure why everyone’s comments got spammed, yes, it’s a lovely book. My mum’s reading it at the moment. She thinks I’m the next Agatha Christie, well, you have to start somewhere don’t you:)))

    1. Hey Vanessa, yes it’s an ideal holiday book, and bingo, you’re right it is Hunstanton, and the wedding photo is at Cley Windmill, North Norfolk. Well done for being so observant.

  1. You’re welcome, thanks for the mention on your blog as well. You worded the inspiration for the story much better than I did, glad you condensed it. I think these photos can say more than words. Now I know what they mean by ‘show don’t tell’

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