Welcome to Mid-summer.

Birds are tweeting, grass is being cut, sun’s shining and it’s great to be in England.

It’s all happening in the garden now. Let’s start at the front… Alan dug up an overgrown, ugly old bush earlier on in the year. In it’s place, there are grass seeds coming up, looking lush.

Beware of boxes that say enough for ten square feet though, this is around two square feet, and that was the whole packet. He’s filled in a few gaps with seed from another box. We’ll perhaps have a picnic on there later in the year:)) Always put a net over as well, see where the bricks are holding it down? Keeps those tweeting birds off.

Digital image
Our new patch of lawn. Plant more grass, there’s too much concrete these days.
Digital image
Ann’s broccoli, she planted the seeds in February.
Digital image
From this, to that above. Well done buddah keeping it safe from white butterflies
Digital image
Red Poppy

Digital imageThese poppies are loosing the petals now, but the seed heads look attractive, so I’ll leave them there. Here’s a red one as well.

Digital image
Digital image
Blue lupins

Moving along the front border; beautiful blue lupins have had a battering from the rain, but they spread out each year. They come in all colours.

This is the progress of my sweet-peas. They’re a few weeks behind because of the cold weather earlier on in the year, but I’m sure they’ll soon catch up. Watch out for the next time you see them in full colour. There’s nothing like a glass of freshly picked sweet-peas on the kitchen windowsill and the breakfast table, and the front window. Once you’ve grown your own, from seeds, it becomes a habit.

Digital image

Hope you enjoyed the trip down our garden path. Speaking of which, have you ordered Patsy’s book yet? I have. Looking forward to getting an old chair out of the shed and sitting reading between weeding and re-potting. Next week, I’ll take you a wander round the back. That’s where it all goes on really. Like in the poem.

NEWSFLASH……Rosemary Kind at Alfie dog has emailed to let me know that my short story – Pier into the Future will be included in the new collection, Beach Reads.      Now, that’s enough to make me go and put the kettle on and brew up an earl-grey, oh Alan’s done me one already, now that’s true love…


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Mid-summer.”

  1. Thank you Wendy, I’m thrilled about that. Just came in time to add to my mid-summer post. Alan is always nearby with a cup of tea. He’s lovely, and leaves me alone to read, write, mess around on the computer or in the garden. We fit together like a pair of hands in gloves. We’re always happiest together. Thanks for popping by Wendy.

  2. Oh how I love your lupins, Susan. I dream of having a garden full of them, but slugs and snails love them too much in my garden. Well done on the short story front. I look forward on see more of your garden next time.

    1. Hi Gail, no you’ve missed nothing. That made me laugh. It’s lovely to have the long light evenings though you must admit. Last night it was amazing to see the moon to the left of the sky and the red sunset to the right, both opposite and as if they were having a sun and moon meeting. Well, that’s what it is isn’t it. I love mid-summer.

  3. Your garden’s looking good, thanks for the tour! My poor little patch is doing its best to put on a colourful show but the gale force winds aren’t helping!
    Good news about the Alfie Dog story.

    1. Hello Linda, I’m going to take some pictures of the back next week. I’ve got sunflowers coming on, so they’ll be nice later on in the year. It is windy today. Made cakes instead of gardening today.

  4. Awwwww hooorah for such a fabulous newsflash! Well done you!!!!

    And now I know what my neighbour is growing! She put out this pot of seedlings to shield more of her front garden from the beady eyes of Gumtree and Charlie and I walk past this pot every day, peek in and am baffled by the little plants growing!! Sweetpeas!! Of course! Lovely!

    Hooorah for your lush lawn!

    Take care

  5. Hi Kitty, glad you’ve solved the mystery. I bet she’s put them in the sunshine to help them grow quicker. Hope she gives you some. Sweet-peas are meant for sharing. Thanks for your good wishes.

  6. Thank you for letting us take a walk around your garden … it looks lovely with flowers and vegetables and Buddha watching over! I have to say that my real love for growing things and especially flowers developed during my 16 years in England. Lovely post! Enjoy your week and all the growing happening around you. XO

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