Computer course

The computer course is going well, mind you, today was a bit of a blur as I’ve got a type of head cold, crossed with hay-fever. He put the exam in front of me and after answering the first question, I had to abandon it and go over all the excel information again. I’ve passed the word part, so now it’s excel, then power point, then something else. All formulas and dollar signs and more than, less than == I had to go and have an orange break to keep me awake.

When I pass, the ECDL is equivalent to a C pass at GCSE level, so hoping to do that; then I should imagine it would be helpful for getting a job.

I sent off for an admin/office job last night in a garage. In my eagerness, I sent off a letter saying C.V. attached, except it wasn’t! So then I sent another one, saying ‘this is the one’ also he said his name, and I typed it in, then wondered if it should have been Mr.. Name… Another job I’ve sent off for is as a tele-sales person on our local paper. I like talking and I’m good at selling, so I’m sure they’ll give me a call up. I always link to my website on my C.V. just to show off that I can make a website; if all else fails, it brings just about everyone in the district to my website, and shows off my writing. I always double check the C.V. just in-case I’ve sent my writing one, or a poem or story by mistake.

Our job advisor told us the job search has gone up from 3 a week to … Alan said, jokingly to our job advisor, is it 30?? I said, shush, it’s like the ghost-buster film, when Ray thought of the giant marshmallow man and he appeared. The man said, ‘spot on William’ that’s his formal name. Oh my goodness, so we have lists of applications and entries of places emailed and so forth. Sometimes, in the space where you type the type of job you’re looking for, Alan puts, juggler, pop corn maker, and more naughty things. He’s got a part time job in the big orange supermarket down the road though. I’m proud of him. He goes off with his smart blue shirt on, to deal with spillages and to keep the shopping area clean. It’s funny how odd the word ‘spillage’ sounds when you say it often and with gusto. SPILLAGE!!! I didn’t realise they would employ someone to deal with spillages. Mostly it’s milk, or sauces, or sugar tonight. He has to log it in a book. At first, they’d ring him on his portable phone, and he’d leave it, or drop it, then they’d be calling him on the intercom. He’s enjoying it though, so that’s the main thing.

Digital imageThese are last years, but this years are growing well. Garden pictures coming soon.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

19 thoughts on “Computer course”

  1. 30 applications a week? Surely ou’ll end up applying for things you can’t do- which just wastes the employers time and demoralises you.

  2. As well as your computer qualification (which will be useful) I think you should add ‘Expert form filler’ to your cv. I agree with Patsy, how does applying for jobs you don’t want help anyone?! It’s good you can see the funny side but it must also be so frustrating. Hope you find a job you do want soon.

  3. Good luck with the job-hunting and the course. I hate learning new IT things, whether it’s computer software packages, or a new mobile phone. Once I’ve grasped them, then I love them and I’m pretty good with them, but I hate the learning process with any technology/software related things!

  4. I do hope you find a job you like soon. I have to agree with others though, applying for 30 a week must get you down – although I have to say you always sound so cheerful and upbeat. You would be an asset to any employer. And now I can’t stop saying “spillage” to myself 🙂 x

  5. Oh Teresa, you always say the nicest things and you’re right of course I would bring some giggles to the table. Did you see Miranda, when she went for a job, they asked her what she’d bring to the table; she said tea and cakes:)))

  6. Good luck with the job hunt. It’s really tough in the job market these days. I’m sure something will come up for you as you present yourself so well, and have shown that you’re able to learn new things.

    1. Oh thank you Joanne, that’s a nice thing to say. I can tell you’re a People’s Friend writer. I’m sure something will turn up soon. In the meantime, I’m learning something called the IF function.

  7. I sympathise over the hay fever, Susan. There’s nothing so distracting as constant sneezing and a dripping nose (I know!). Good luck with your exam and I really hope you find that super job!

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