Romantic writing.

I prefer a proper book to e.books. I know we have to move forward, but for me, there’s nothing like sitting down to relax with a cup of earl grey and something good to read. Today I picked up five Mills & Boon books. Reason for that is that I’m writing my Hats off to Love and I’m going to submit my first three chapters and the synopsis sometime during the next week to M & B.

The good thing about Mills and Boon is that they like 50,000 words. Then again, I have a feeling I’ll need more words than that to fit in all I’m going on about in the synopsis. Mine is going to fit into the ‘cherish’ section. They have different sections depending on the type of story you’re writing. Have a look here.

Mills and Boon.

I’ve got in mind what I want on the cover. My star character looking up and all kinds of hats tumbling down around her… that’s my plan, but maybe it’ll turn out different.

I’m up to 27.000 words, and to get back into the gist of the story, I’ve had to go back to the beginning and over the first three chapters to get back to what it’s all about. I’d gone up a bit of a one way street, but hopefully back on track now.

Digital imageDigital image

Red roses for love, and there’s Mum and Dad at my Niece’s wedding last year. They’re always romantic.

Here’s how Harper Collins go about finding the design for a book.


How a book cover is designed


20 thoughts on “Romantic writing.

    • Will do Wendy. I sent three chapters and synopsis about twenty years ago. They said send the rest and I panicked as I hadn’t written it. This is a different story. Hopefully this time I’ll get it published. Thanks for popping by.

  1. Oh Julia that’s so funny. I hope you’re not speaking from experience. It’s the smell of books, the feel of turning the pages, using a fancy bookmarker. I could go on, but off to make chicken curry and rice for dinner.

  2. Oh thank you Rosemary, I need it. I know with technology, there’s so far you can go before it gets too much for us to take in. I’d rather be reading and writing than worrying too much about formatting etc.

  3. Good luck with M&B! I tried writing for them years ago but I couldn’t manage to stick to all their guidelines. Looking at their website, they do seem to be giving their writers a bit more freeedom over plots and characters these days. It’s a good market if you can produce what they want.

    • I hope I can Linda. I’ve just polished up chapters 1 and 2 and done the synopsis, only chapter three to shine up and then my top letter, thanks for your thoughts. I’ll put their response on my blog.

  4. I really like paper books – and I really like my kindle!

    Hope the writing is going well. Reading a few other M&B books as research sounds like a good plan (and research sounds so much more industrious than lounging on the sofa with a nice romance!)

    • Oh yes, I’m putting in plenty of research Patsy. Mills and Boon have a formula, it’s knowing that, and I’m doing my homework. She says with a pile of books and packet of choc eclairs by her side:)))

    • Aren’t they lovely Julia. We used to sell them in our florist shop. Will keep you informed on what Mills and Boon think of my opening chapters. Thanks for popping by.

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