I’ll triond make some money.

That’s a joke really; I joined the site triond where I write articles.


It’s good fun as there’s a way to add pictures and you can write absolutely anything within reason. I’ve earned around sixty pence in two years. Woo-hooo, what shall I spend it on??? It’s partly my own fault though as they way to do it is to twitter and promote traffic to your site. Imagine I’ll have to get a big sign saying ‘Everyone to this content’ you feel a bit daft doing that though don’t you.

I’ve recently discovered the Agatha Raisin books while browsing in a book shop in town. M.C. Beaton is such a great writer I’ve read three in the series already and started on another one. They are quite funny and Agatha keeps having scones and tea with Mrs. Bloxby the vicars wife, so I had to bake scones tonight. We both felt so full we went a walk around the village.

Our shop is closed now. It does seem a bit strange not going to open up. We had lots of lovely cards from our customers and too many chocolate bars to mention along with a big bottle of brandy. I don’t actually drink, but if I do, on the odd occasion, it’s brandy, so that was nice.

Three stories came back to me this week – I’ve re-written one of them, now have to find somewhere to send it. I can tell they’ve been read, and at least they sent them back, as opposed to tearing them up!!

My story on you write on ‘Summer on the Heath’ is number 24 in the top tens list, it’s all re-writing but I’m sticking with it. The Hats novel is still going quite well, I need to find a way to get them out of the club though. They’ve been stuck in there drinking eating and talking for a few weeks now.

Digital imageSpring flowers for inspiration.


18 thoughts on “I’ll triond make some money.

  1. Have read a couple of the Agatha Raisin stories – nice light reading and a bit of a spoof on cosy crime fiction I suppose. They were done as a radio series with Penelope Keith playing Agatha – they crop up on Radio 4 Extra from time time.

    1. Hello Ann, great to hear from you. They’re quirky aren’t they? I noticed at the back of the book you can get the c.d s read by Penelope. I’m enjoying them, she’s a great character, wouldn’t like her in our village though…

  2. I joined Triond and it worked OK for a while – then my articles got posted up by other people and Triond, rather than remove them seemed to think I was the one who stole the articles that appeared months after my versions.

  3. I’ve never heard of Triond and was tempted to give it a whirl – but then I read Patsy’s comments and now I’m not so sure. I expect that things we have all written appear uncredited and unrewarded; it’s just that we don’t find out. I wonder if it’s worth the risk.

    1. Hi Julia, I’ve heard some say that they use triond to link to their website, blog etc. You can connect it to twitter and I noticed yesterday after I put the book review on there, and linked to twit – I had about 6o plus views whereas I normally would have half a dozen; so nothing to lose really, but don’t expect to make any money…

  4. Good luck with all those different stories, Suzy. The only online people I write for now is Demand Studios (the ehow UK section) where I get paid upfront for every single article I write. I was invited to write for them and am glad I passed their writing test!

    1. That sounds good Rosemary, might take a look. The triond is more for fun I think. Sometimes when I’ve had a few stories back, I know whatever I write usually gets published. I almost deleted it the other day, then someone new became a fan so I left it.

  5. The only cure for stories returning (sounds better than rejected) is to send something out straight away, either tweak a story or submit something new. That’s my strategy anyway. Good luck with the novels too Susan 🙂

    1. Good advice Tracy thanks. I’ve changed one that P.F. emailed back with why they didn’t take it and trying TAB. Have you ever sent a story to the same place if they told you why they didn’t take it? After changing it of course.

      1. If I get comments saying why story not right for them then I revise and would send to another mag, but not back to them unless they specifically asked to see it again post changes. I have been lucky 2nd time round doing this, as one mag’s rejection can be another mag’s sale!

      2. Thanks for that Tracy, I didn’t think it would be a good idea as they hadn’t asked for the story again. Don’t want to annoy them any more than I am doing#:))))

  6. Sorry to hear about your returned stories, Suzy but good luck with TAB. I’ve never heard of Triond, or the Demand Studios Rosemary mentions, but I’m planning to have a look at them.

  7. I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of M.C Beatons’s Hamish Macbeth mysteries but the Agatha Raisin books are still on my ‘must read one day’ list (I put them on there after hearing a radio version).

    I haven’t had any experience with Triond but as it pays per click you need to direct as many people as possible to your articles on there. I clicked on the link but was a bit puzzled as to why your article is listed in the cooking section? I get the food connection with Raisin and quiche but I wouldn’t have thought of looking for a book review there! Do they have a book section?

    1. Hi Linda, well spotted of you, I hadn’t noticed that, of course I’ll ask if they can move it. I realise now that I’ve linked to twitter and tweeted about it and blogged as well, which is linked to twit, I’ve had more clicks than ever, so maybe I’ll earn a few more crumbs Linda. Thanks for pointing that out. Off to let them know…. I’m reading the Wizard of Evesham now. The Wizard is an expert hairdresser. It’s good, highly readable and so funny.

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