Giggle blog.

Welcome to Springtime, and giggle blog for April. This one concerns e.bay and the delights or perils attached. I can’t moan because we put all the shop shelving and other large fixtures on there, which went well. There was one old counter that had been stuck up a corner in the back of the shop, so I tried that on e.bay for fifteen pounds. After lots of people ‘watching’ it, someone named Shrimpy placed a bid. ‘Yippee’ I was happy about that; it was a heavy item, so I’d put ‘buyer to collect’ on it. Then, at the last moment someone jumped in with only seconds to go, pipping Shrimpy to the post. I felt slightly annoyed, but that’s the way it goes. So, giving details of my phone number to the new buyer, I waited for a response. Being as it was late on Saturday night I thought it would be a while before hearing. Next minute, the phone rang.

“When are you delivering my counter to Croydon?” Really loud voice. So me in an equally loud voice.

“Oh no, you have to collect it. I put buyer collect.”

“Where are you?

“In the Midlands.”

“No, you bring it to Croydon, I can’t come that far.”

“No I put buyer collect, that means you collect it.”

“Oh dear me, people do deliver to Croydon if they live in this area”

“But I don’t I’m in the Midlands.”

“Cancel the sale! I don’t want it! Don’t you take my money!”

Well how flipping rude……..  So I shouted (without realizing) “You’re not supposed to do that. When you bid that means you want it, you shouldn’t have bid if you weren’t prepared to come and get it.”  He kept on saying ‘Don’t you take my money.’ So that was so annoying I turned into a savage teacher.

“That’s very naughty, you shouldn’t have done that. They don’t like that on e.bay you know.”

I put the phone down, and when I checked my e.bay account, there was a message.

Give me my money back I don’t want the counter. For goodness sake, I sent back. I haven’t had your money and you’re not having the counter, and don’t contact me again.

A while later, our daughter came downstairs laughing. She said, “Mom you’re so funny, you must have scared that man to death.” When I checked, he’d only just joined e.bay and had no feedback details yet. She thinks I probably scared him off there for good. But I was so annoyed….. It was funny though. Strange how I think I talk neutral but when I get worked up the accent goes more like.. “Yaw shouldn’t do that, that’s verrrryyy norty.” Gave Ann a laugh anyway.When I looked, his money had gone through, so I refunded it, and ended up paying 75pence for the pleasure of having his money and returning it.

Now there’s a second giggle for April. Our youngest Son told me he’d seen something funny on and he thought of me. Nice to know he was thinking of me, but when I saw it I can see why. I have a habit. (No, I’m not a nun in my spare time) I clear my throat quite a lot. It’s something I do when I’ve finished one job and move on to the next. When I used to read stories to them all when they were young, they’d be more amused by me going h-erm -herm between pages than listening to the story itself. Take a look at this.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “Giggle blog.”

  1. We had a bed on eBay that went for a bargain price with the ‘buyer collects’ directive. The buyer wanted to pay on collection ‘in case I don’t like it when I see and decided I don’t want it’. Cheek! I was all set to send the boys round to sort him out. Husband, however, is a gentle soul and promised me it would be all right. Which it was. Harrumph.

  2. Proof that there’s nowt as queer as folk, Susan. I’ve also got a giggle blog. I thought it was such a good idea. Hope you don’t mind. I think we should encourage everyone to do one. The world needs cheering up.

  3. Poor old Shrimpy, I don’t blame you for telling the other guy off, but I just can’t imagine you being savage teacher 🙂
    I laughed so much at the clip I had tears running down my face – daft, but fun 🙂 x

    1. It is funny isn’t it Teresa? No matter how many times I look at it I laugh a lot as well. I just needed to tell that man how bad he’d been when Shrimpy lived near by as well. Some people are a nusciance aren’t they?

  4. Hopefully it will teach him to read all the information before he puts another bid in. Some people just think the rest of the world should play by their rules …

  5. Exactly what I thought Linda. I was only putting him in the picture. He’s lucky I didn’t report him, he might have been thrown off e.bay for that kind of behavior. The Shrimpy man would have come I’m sure. Thanks for popping by.

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