Reality check.

Remember when I said I’d sent a letter in to That’s Life back in January? Well I had an email to say that my letter is in this weeks edition. Issue 13 dated 28th March. They’re always looking for funny stories, so if you have any, send them in.

It’s nice when you hear, ‘The cheque will follow in four weeks;’ seeing as my New Year’s resolution was to aim for paying markets for my words.

That makes the third letter That’s Life have published, they like silly or embarrassing moments, and I have lots of those. Also it’s good when they say, send in more. Though I’d feel a bit greedy hogging the letters page, still if that’s what they want.

Thanks to Joanne for giving me a reality badge, now I need to answer some questions.

If I could change one thing: That would be more equality in the world, maybe one currency like buttons and conkers.

If I could repeat an age?  No I’ll stay here thanks.

What scares me.  That the readers in People’s Friend office see my envelope and go ‘Oh for goodness sake why does she bother!

Who would I like to be for the day? Toya Wilcox when she had mad hair and sang ‘It’s a mystery, it’s a mystery, to me… A shot in the dark, a big question mark???  Then again I can be me and do that any time I like……

Most of the blogs I follow have one, so keep it real everyone and keep writing.

Digital imageThis is Ann’s picture of me singing and dancing in the garden. That’s when I get a letter published. It’s a bit cold at the moment for doing much in the garden though isn’t it?

I’ve got a good item for the giggle blog at the beginning of April. I’ve been e-baying. It’s not always plain sailing on there is it? Most have been good though. There’s always one isn’t there?


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “Reality check.”

  1. Yay, great about the letters! I think your answers are lovely – wasn’t Toyah Wilcox great in her It’s a Mystery days, I loved her hair and make up 🙂 And the readers in the PF office would never say that about you, so don’t be scared about that 🙂 x

  2. Congrats on the letter. Sounds as though you know exactly what That’s Life is looking for. If they keep accepting, you should keep sending!

  3. Thank you Linda, yes it makes sense as they pay really well. They shortened my letter to around 47 words, and I think they pay £50.00 if you send a photo, which I did. It’s a magazine with lots of short slots for sending. Tips pay the same with photo, we should take advantage of these well paying openings I think. Thanks for popping by.

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