People’s Friend moment.

You know when you have a moment that you think a miracle has occurred? No I don’t have many, but there was one today. A moment when you know there are some lovely people in the world, and you give the manager of the co-op a hug and she looks at you as if you’ve gone bonkers.

The story in a nutshell, as I’m going to write it up for People’s Friend is that we had a stroll around town on Sunday afternoon. We don’t make a habit of that, but we did for some reason. Now Alan had a tiny hole in his coat pocket that I’d been promising to stitch up; such a small hole that you almost could forget it was there. We planned to pop into the co-op for some sausages, we go in there a lot. Then realized it would be closed and just browsed around for an hour. When we got home, the wallet had gone. He retraced our steps, then a part fell off the car… Then I retraced our steps.. asking in the take-aways that were beginning to open by then. No luck.

Next day, he went into the police station, or the place where you report anything as the police station has moved a couple of towns away. So we lost all hope of finding the wallet which was the one we call our food wallet.

Then today, I went to ask the manager how I could go about getting another dividend card and explained in great length how we’d lost a wallet with it in. She said. “What colour?” I told her, she said. “Hang on a minute.” I thought that sounds promising. Would you believe it, she came back with the wallet. We paid a visit to the lovely lady who’d handed it in; she didn’t even want anything for her trouble. It was only when Alan insisted that she should treat the family if she didn’t want anything herself that she took something. Aren’t people nice?

Funny, as at the same time there was a grumpy old woman, by grumpy I mean sprouting tears like something out of a tin tin comic and all because she’d had her groceries scanned, then went off to talk to a friend, and she didn’t like it because we were waiting… She was stamping her foot saying .”I will not be rushed…” I thought blimey you need to go over to Aldi and see how they rush you in there ducky. Funny how old ladies either go jolly and happy or miserable and grumpy. I’m going to be the happy and jolly variety.

Digital imageAnd I’m going to wear these lovely sandals every time the sun shines to prove it.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

20 thoughts on “People’s Friend moment.”

    1. So true Wendy. There were quite a few partying St. Patrick’s day revelers, dressed up in green hats, so we thought maybe our wallet had ended up in a pub. What a miracle eh? Those sandals are fab aren’t they?

  1. Sometimes I fear I am turning into the miserable and grumpy old lady – I must take myself in hand before people start avoiding me!
    Good Luck with the PF submission (if you’re turning it into a story – remember all the characters have to be nice!)

  2. Thanks for the tip Sally, and I’ll leave Mrs. Grumpy out of the story. What an attention grabber she was. I’m sure you’re not a bit miserable. I’m alright until I get a rejection, then I go quiet.

  3. Good luck – that sounds like a perfect PF story!

    We don’t have a police station any more either.

    I love your sandals – hope you get to wear them lots 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Teresa. I certainly know what kind of stories P.f want as I read them all every week. Bet they think ‘oh no not her again’ when one of my stories lands on their desk:) I won’t give up though.

  4. I think she was a spoilt rude bad mannered lady Patsy. The cashier only asked her ‘can I take you money please?’ I’ve never seen such a performance, she should join the am drams.

    1. Thanks Rosemary, they’re groovy aren’t they. We’d given up all hope of seeing it again. Alan was miffed because he’d got a collection of petrol money off vouchers in there as well. We could so easily have found it strewed around town somewhere.

  5. That’s a lovely story, Susan, and good luck with writing it for PF. It sounds ‘right up their street’.
    Love the sandals.

    1. Thank you Pat. It brought tears to my eyes when the lovely lady was insistent she didn’t want a reward, but me and Alan were more insistent she had something to say thank you. I thought after, we could have had flowers delivered, but she deserved to buy whatever she wanted with it. Glad you like the sandals. They never go out of fashion that kind do they? Well, not in my wardrobe they don’t:)))

  6. I do think most people are kind and honest like the person who handed in your wallet, but unfortunately it’s the other sort who get all the headlines. I’m sure your experience will make a lovely feel good story for PF. Good luck with it!

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