Author page.

I’ve got an author page on Amazon. 

I’m cheating a smidgen as I’ve got short stories in these two books, rather than being the author of the book itself, but it’s a start.

Both of these are the kind that you can dip into. My’ High School Blues’ story in the 70’s one is about three girls who drift through school

not knowing what they’d end up doing.

The Cafe lit one has those kind of stories that you read while waiting for an appointment, or during a coffee break at work. Each story represents a

drink. Mine’s earl grey tea and is called ‘My Special Earl Grey.’

Now I’d like to do more e.publishing. I have some ideas in mind, it’s the technology that I need to grasp.

Our shop is looking empty now and someone is calling for the shelving next week.

Another story has been edited and typed up ready for Take a Break. I love People’s Friend, but I’m not sure my stories are quite suitable for there. I won’t stop trying though. This one’s about a wannabee detective.

If anyone’s thinking of subscribing to Writing Magazine, I would say the books that come with it are brilliant. Funny, informative and great to dip into.




Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “Author page.”

  1. Hi Sally, you’re a great inspiration, I’m going to try and master it, hoping I don’t completely make a pigs ear of it. I do use Word, although a proper course would be a good idea. Thanks for the guiding light…

  2. Well done on the author page and I didn’t know you could do this without a book on Amazon, so good to know this can be set up if you have stories in other collections. Good luck with TAB submission!

  3. Hi Tracy, it’s good isn’t it. I had to email them and ask if it was o.k. Then they put the books on there. Not sure if they make a habit of it, but if you don’t ask… Enjoyed your article in the Writing magazine. Thanks for the good luck.

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