Fiction on Alfie dog.

Somebody has downloaded one of my stories Pier into the Future from Alfie dog. It’s a romantic story set in Brighton. So thank you whoever you are, and hope you enjoyed it.

There’s four of my stories on there in all so far.

Tommy’s Dragons – About a Mum who’s anxious when her little boy starts playschool. She gets the wrong end of the stick. It began as a twist in the tale, but ended up as a family story.

Summer Sunday – This is a fun story, my Mum thought it was all a dream, like Alice in Wonderland.

She told me ‘it’s not very realistic is it Sue?’ My stories do tend to go off on a tangent. I wrote one once, about a tour guide in a National Trust house who was a ghost, and I couldn’t get to an ending, so I had one of the main characters fizzling into dust like human combustion. My family members all pulled a face and shook their heads.

The other story is Stardust the Racehorse. Now this is a story I love because it’s one of the first stories I ever wrote. It’s been published in a children’s annual some time ago, and I’m proud that Rosemary has added it to Alfie dog. It was my attempt at a mystery story.

It’s important I think before a story is published not to show family or friends. It’s hardly fair is it as they don’t like to hurt our feelings. Or the other way round, they don’t think it makes sense.

On Alfie dog, Rosemary is promoting justice for writer’s. This is where we get paid for our writing. If too many people write for free, how can anybody ever take us seriously?

Digital imageHe’s not a racehorse, but he thinks he is…

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

14 thoughts on “Fiction on Alfie dog.”

  1. Can you imagine going into Sainsbury’s and trying to leave with a full trolley without paying? Picture the scene as you say to the manager: ‘I loved your shop. I can’t pay for my groceries, but I’ll tell everyone how nice you are. It’ll be good publicity for you.’

  2. Well done Susan! I’ve had 3 downloads to date from this site. OK this won’t make me rich, but it’s a wonderful feeling when somebody buys your work by choice 🙂 Hope this is the first of many downloads.

  3. Hopefully it’s just the first download of many 🙂 Good luck with that one and your other stories.
    I agree with you about not showing your work to friends and family. I’ve only ever shown them stories and articles after they’ve been published, and in some cases not even then if I think it’s not the kind of thing they’d be interested in.

  4. Thank you Linda; It would be nice to get a few more published on there, and then maybe make it a collection. Hark at me, I spend too much time blog hopping and being nosey I should be writing… It’s more fun blogging though isn’t it:)))))

  5. Huge congratulations with all your stories!! I must go and see this Alfie Dog! Yay!

    p.s. I only show my stories to my nearest and dearest when they are accepted for publication – even then I still get critiqued! LOL! take care

    1. Thanks Old Kitty. Alfie is a great place to be. I agree about not showing family our stories. They always suggest a different ending, meaning mine wasn’t what they were expecting. Thanks for popping by.

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