Sewing the seeds.

Digital image
Digital image
Cherry tomatoes.

Daughter Ann’s been sewing seeds while she’s waiting for an operation. This is the cress, also there are cherry tomatoes and broccoli. So the windowsill looks like a mini nursery at the moment. Not only is cress easy to grow, its sprouting after only three days. Ideal for the children to do during half term, then they’ll have something nutritious for on the egg sandwiches.

She’s just told me I’m babysitting them while she’s in hospital, so we’ve sorted out a spray bottle to keep them happy.  Ann will create salad recipes for her own blog soon.

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It’s a lovely thing to do, planting seeds. Especially on a sunny day. Next on the list are sweet peas and cornflowers, every garden needs them, and they help with the bees and butterflies.

You may think I’ve drifted off from the writing subjects that I’m normally blogging about. Maybe it’s the way the planets are aligned, or something to do with that we’re clearing out our shop and Ann’s staying for a while after falling on the ice and cracking her elbow. This is still my writing blog, just that it’s also a daily diary and this is what we’re up to at the moment. Apart from swimming this morning and leaving the lights on (Aaaargh…oh no, flat battery) which was a bit of a nuisance.

I’ve taken out a subscription to the Writing magazine.  I keep buying it, so now it’ll be nice to have it drop though the letter box. I wrote a story called sewing seeds so maybe it’s time to brush it up and try it out.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

10 thoughts on “Sewing the seeds.”

  1. Sowing seeds is such an optimistic activity. I was away from home over the weekend, When I returned. I found that my husband had dug out the propagator and started off some early salad crops. Roll on spring!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with deviating from the writing side of things on your blog. I for one do it a lot – I think it’s nice to get an idea of the person behind the writing.

  3. That’s a lovely thing to say Wendy. I thought my followers might think I’d gone off on a tangent, but it’s all in daily life, so therefore it goes on the blog. I’d rather be showing off about acceptances though, but one day maybe…

  4. I’ve promised myself that I will grow more veg this year, so this is a reminder that I need to start planning now! Many people I know are going through major changes and I, too, have been occupied with things other than writing. But it’s always there on the back burner and I know I can return to it whenever the muse strikes. ‘Writing’ magazine will give you lots of hints and tips and inspiration, as well as details of competitions, so I expect you’ll carry on with that once your shop is sorted out. In the meantime I love hearing about your life, Susan ~ you write so naturally and with such warmth and gentle humour. 🙂

  5. Oh Jacqueline you say the nicest things. I was sitting in the George Eliot garden yesterday, having an hour and a half to pass, so I wrote down what was going through my mind. Sometimes it seems that life’s urgent things take over part of the creative mind don’t they? But as you say, we always go back to the writing in some form.

  6. There’s nothing like a potter round a garden to get the creative ideas flowing. I only have a tiny garden but I love growing plants from seed. Such a thrill when the first shoots appear!

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