Garden mascot.

Digital imageThis little chap always makes me smile. I know he’s a bit on the bright side, but that’s the best way to be I think. He’s a mascot in our garden. When we moved house years ago, the removal men where aghast. Saying ‘What’s that thing?’ They weren’t keen to pick him up as they thought he was scary. Not half as scary as them I’d say. Talking of scary, I saw a ghost. If you don’t believe in them you’d say I didn’t, but here’s a poem I wrote following the fisherman’s face at the window. When our youngest Son was little he would swear blind there was a nasty witch in his room, an invisible one. I’d go in there and do a karate kick and some of those biff – baff- bopp moves like batman, and a few wonderwoman twirls, saying ‘take that you old hag woman’. Then I’d stamp on her and throw her out of the window. It was lovely to see his smiling face relaxed and laughing, then he’d go off to sleep. Now he keeps an eye on me at the gym, saying ‘Oh you’re having a go at running on the treadmill Mum. You usually have a walk’.

Now I’m getting back to the novel. They’re off to the club, to ask some questions.

Face at the window.

Perhaps I imagined;

That fisherman’s face,

Grinning at the window

That woke my dream

With a scream.


Maybe I imagined;

Ghostly spirits howling,

Whispering secrets through ships sails

Clanging and wailing in the dark.


I could have imagined;

Winds howling across

Silver sea, reflecting the moon.

Telling of spirits,

Lost and alone at sea.


I didn’t imagine;

Words on the page.

Telling of the fisherman haunting the lane,

The same one we’re staying in.


I’m slowlyplacing the book

Ever so neatly

back on the shelf.

It’s a legend that’s true,

I’ve seen him myself.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

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