I’ve won a book!

How lovely to hear that I’ve won Lynne Hackles book – Ghost writing. Thanks to her daughter Leanne who has a new website. http://www.lingerlongerlingerie.co.uk That’s the tamer version, so good luck with it Leanne. I’m sure with Valentine’s Day on the horizon you’ll get off to a good start. Glad to hear you’re always on the look out for a money spinner. I am too, but I’m not a millionth of a way to being a millionaire yet, except for the shortbread version.

I already have Writing from Life on my bookshelf which is a fantastic book, so really looking forward to the ghost writing one.

As our little shop of inspirations is closing down, due to the Council knocking the buildings down, we have to be out by the end of March. One family asked me if they can have a souveneir to remember us by. I asked ‘what did you have in mind?’ They said, ‘Anything.’ Being lost for words, which is most unusual for me I said, ‘Leave it with me.’ Quite a mistake as they then said. ‘Oh we won’t have to pay for it will we?’ My goodness. We’re already selling things off at half price…… Her Sister said, ‘Daffodils, or something like that.’ Massive coincidence that there’s a pot of artificial daffs on the counter. Today, she was eyeing our clock, saying. ‘I like your clock’ I’m busy writing all these things down of course.

Another lady who never bought much came in today and filled her boots, and left saying. ‘I’d rather give you the money than any other shop.’ Well, yes, I’m sure you would dear at half price. Isn’t life the funniest thing?

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

5 thoughts on “I’ve won a book!”

  1. How about writing a little poem for those penny-pinching customers? Something about the trials and tribulations of being a small business owner. You certainly need your sense of humour!
    Do you have any plans for after the shop is closed?

    1. Hi Linda, a poem, my word Linda I have books full of quotes and one liners and yes I’m going to write them all up of course. Everyone is lovely as well though. I’ve been given… here’s a list. A jacket, mobile phone charger when mine got stolen during a theft. I’ve been given so many books it’s unreal, cakes, oh my goodness tons of them, meat pies, game pies! yes game, we have lots of rabbits and pheasants round here. Not saying we’ve eaten all of these well meaningly donated items… Newspaper suplements, a lady lent me a shawl for a wedding. It’s not until now, I realise how much love and friendship these people have actually given us. No plans as yet. A holiday maybe, and then we’ll have to see what turns up.

  2. Hi Sally, no, if you scroll back to Lynne’s posts, we had to suggest a slogan for each day of the week for sexy lingerie. I think they’re going to appear on the site as well. Something like. Mmmm Monday, Tantalizing Tuesday, can’t remember now, but they will be on there. Maybe I’m writing in the wrong genre’s Sally, and should try a more racy one!!!!

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