A review at last.

cover artIt’s taken a while, but at last ‘Growing up in the 70’s’ has had a review. It’s not as brilliant as I’d like it to be, and the reviewer has read story one and two, and is about to start on the third, which is mine. Obviously I don’t agree that the stories don’t set the feel of the seventies. The second story about the Welsh rugby is about that year of the grand slam. I’m married to a Welsh man, and I bought him the dvd of the same which is quite funny. That was around the time we met, so I do associate it strongly with the seventies. Also story number one was quite funny I thought. Oh dear, I wanted to review it myself, but I’m not a glove puppet, so thought I’d better not.

The reviewer also says that we don’t mention music and fasion. Obviously hasn’t read my story. I suppose we have to be open minded and take what people say as ‘their opinion’ though I still think they’re wrong, and it’s a lovely collection. Can’t win them all though can we?

I’m up to 19,500 wds of the novel, and it’s getting exciting. Along with other books I’m reading, like Middlemarch, by George Eliot, Paint me a Picture by Patsy Collins, and Careless in Red by Elizabeth George, my Hats off to Love story is brewing up lovely. I’ve got, a hero, boy next door,lovely old lady, neighbour who’s boy next door’s Gran. Main character who’s fabulous. A gang of factory workers who are extras. Possibly too many characters, but I’ll chuck them out if need be later, at the moment, they’re in the story.

21 thoughts on “A review at last.

  1. Pooh! What do reviewers know, Susan? I often think they just skim over rather than read each story thoroughly. Your novel sounds fascinating ~ I can’t wait! I keep toying, mentally, with my original idea ~ but I’m much moe into my knitting and crochet at the moment! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jacqueline, I always think even if you don’t like something try and pick out something positive, I think they’re just jealous because their story isn’t in there. But at least it’s a review, so better than no review. I too love my knitting, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to keep writing. I knit squares though in between the stories.

    1. Thanks Rosemary, no, he or she hasn’t read mine yet, so maybe there’ll be more digs to come. All part of writing though isn’t it. Thanks, I need a flash of luck, but it’s coming together nicely now.

  2. I’ve just read the review, Suzy, and it appears she has only read the first two stories – so how can she possibly form an opinion on such a small sample. Phooey!
    It sounds as though you are going great guns with your novel. Keep up the good work!

  3. Shame about that review! I can’t see the point in reviewing a story collection when you have read only two of the stories. Good luck with your novel. It’s a great feeling when you are immersed in writing and feel the buzz.

  4. Oh thank you Gail, always lovely to see you over here. Now I’ll put the kettle on. Phooey indeed. They’re only stories, and there’s only four in the collection. I actually liked them, and there were over eighty sent in. The editor worked hard to sift through and choose the ones he liked, so I should imagine he’s a bit miffed. All in a days work for us writers though eh, hark at me, yes, the novel is getting exciting. I need to get the whole thing done, then contact the lovely agents who choose it for their shortlist back in November.

    1. Sally, that’s made me laugh. we certainly do plough on don’t we. Infact it’s made me more confident, and I think it will make me realise that although we need to be truthful, it can make someone’s day or otherwise if we write a negative review.

    1. That’s what I thought Patsy, I’m enjoying Paint me a Picture, but how could I say what I truly think until I know how it ends? Strange people, but any review is better than none as you say.

  5. Oh, it is working! There’s something strange going on with the comment box. Anyway …
    Thanks so much for mentioning my book. I do hope you like it.

    I like your character list. It doesn’t seem too many to me, but I’m sure you’ll have a better idea of which ones you need and any that you don’t by the time you get to the end of this draft.

  6. We all have different tastes and it would be a boring world if everyone had the same opinions about everything, but I do think you should read the whole book before reviewing it! I got the impression from the review that what this reader wanted was a collection of non-fiction memoirs – not fictional stories.
    (I posted a piece on my blog last week about a book I didn’t enjoy, but I would hate to upset the author by naming it. I only write reviews of books I genuinely like.)
    Good luck with the book, very eye catching cover – it took me straight back to the 70’s!

  7. Why leave a review of an anthology while only having read the first two stories? How bizarre! Nevermind!! Ignore adversity is what I say!!

    Take care

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