How about this for a cake?

It's got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.
It’s got lemon curd and butter cream in the middle, icing on top.

You know sometimes you fancy a lovely cake and only a home-made one will do? Here’s mine. It’s got lemon juice in the mixture and some grated lemon rind. It’s a bit like stories. When you want the exact one, you have to write it yourself. I recently found a website for flash fiction.

I’ve just signed up for the ezine and submitted a story. Then if it’s accepted, they’re put into a draw. Hopefully a draw to win something as opposed to a cabinet draw.

That’s Life magazine are always looking for letters where you tell them about something funny that happened. I have lots of those moments, so sent one in. If you go to the tab where it says ‘get in touch’ then there’s a drop down menu and you can email a short letter to them. Good luck if you have a go.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “How about this for a cake?”

    1. I love the lemon with the sugary cake as well Patsy. They pay really well, more if you put a photo I think. I put a photo of me as I hadn’t got one relevant to the funny story. Fingers crossed for us.

  1. Lemon cake is a childhood memory for me. My grandmother used to make one where it was a fairly simple loaf cake with lemon zest in it, then she would make a kind of syrup by dissolving icing sugar into lemon juice. When the cake came out of the oven, still hot, she would make lots of holes in it with a long prong and then pour the syrup over the cake so that it would seep through into the holes. The result was such a moist and delicious lemon cake!

  2. I’m being very good, denying myself real cake at the moment, but I can taste yours – thank you!
    Also, thanks for the flash fiction world link. I’ve bookmarked it.

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