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I’m having a go at this.  Ray Bradbury’s idea of writing a piece of fiction and submitting one each week of the year.  I’ve finished typing up my latest story for People’s Friend, and I’ve got another idea to write up, so it’s going to plan so far.

I’m still writing the novel, which will take a while.  I’m up to around 12,000 words.  The critique from the RNA was quite helpful and pointed me in the right direction with a few points to keep in mind.

The only way to get better as a writer is to keep writing.  So with that in mind, I’m off to write.




13 thoughts on “Write1 sub1

  1. An excellent ambition. I made the same resolution in 2011 (to write a story a week) and failed dismally. In 2012, I modified that to writing a story every month. For 2012, with quite a few stories under my belt, my resolution is to write a new story a month and to submit something somewhere once a week. I hope we all achieve our writing ambitions – best wishes, Ruth

  2. I’ve joined the Write1 Sub1 challenge too, but I’m doing the monthly option. I’m also writing a novel and working on a non-fiction project, so I know I won’t also be able to produce a new short story every week. But one a month might just about be possible!

    1. I did the monthly one last year Linda. I’ve got quite a few stories that I can edit and use, so that’s my plan. Also, I plan to do some flash fiction which isn’t the usual thousands of words. I’m open to a bit of cheating, but it’s to keep me motivated. I can be a bit lazy, especially when the sun’s shining and the garden is so welcoming. Good luck with your writing.

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