More on People’s Friend and junk telly.



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Thought I’d pop in a poll for the New Year, and just to show off that I can:))

More on People’s Friend as I’ve been reading it as there’s not much on t.v. is there?  The best day was Friday, as we should have gone back to work, but I’d not been too well so we watched some black and whites.  49 steps, then another spy film with a little old lady like Miss Marple called Miss Froy who went missing from a train.  One about white feathers and another spy one.  So I’m well into the spy stories now.  It’s when the comedy, or lack of it comes on that we miss John Sullivan’s ‘Fools and Horses’ or the Two Ronnies.  Miranda was funny as usual, but the Royale Family was cringing to watch, and I normally like Mrs. Brown, but the first episode wasn’t too bad, where Mammy thought there were hidden cameras, and she kept saying things like – ‘Oh I’m now going to cook a nutritional meal for all my family with fresh vegetables, no convenience foods around here.’  That was funny, but the second episode with the nativity play wasn’t funny at all.  We laughed more at the old episode of Vicar of Dibley.  If anyone writes good comedy scripts, that’s you Suzi, I’d send some in to the BBc please, they need something fresher and funnier.  I do still like Miranda though, although the faces to camera go on a bit.

There’s a great seasonal story in P.F. by Suzanne Ross Jones.  Here’s another modern story as it’s written in the form of e.mail messages.   I like the pages where they show covers from years ago as well.  Interesting to see how much it’s changed, yet stayed up to date as well.  I’m pleased that there are still the classic stories as written by Ginny Stewart who has been writing stories there for as long as I’ve been reading.  Lots of puzzles to do as well, so I’m still enjoying the issue, great value for money.  I know I go on a bit, but it’s worth it.  (The magazine I mean, not me going on:))0

This is my 100th blog post, so for now I’ll say Happy New Year to my followers.  I would have done a book giveaway, but you know me, I love all my books far too much for that.




14 thoughts on “More on People’s Friend and junk telly.

  1. Happy 100th Blog Post – I enjoy reading your posts too 🙂 I bought us a DVD of Two Ronnies Christmas specials and we’ve watched three of those so far. Haven’t seen Miranda yet and only the first Mrs Brown. I’m all behind (ooh er missus) with my reading too, but looking forward to my People’s Friend 🙂 x

    • Teresa that’s so funny, I also bought those Christmas Two Ronnie’s for Mom and Dad. You can’t beat the old style humour can you? Frankie Howards and his come hither sayings were hillarious. Bet he wouldn’t get away with half of that these days:)))))

  2. A poll – that’s very hi-tech! Only problem is, I don’t know which to vote for. If the story is well written then I can enjoy all those genres – but I can’t see a thriller appearing in PF!

  3. Hi Sally, I’m only showing off with the poll. Thrillers are good but I like cozy crimes where there’s not much blood or nastiness. Midsummer murders has gone a bit gothish these days, and I’ve seen most of the Poirot and Miss Marples. We need a new sleuth and good stories. Hey, we could write them. P.F. stories are changing slightly though, looking forward to reading yours.

  4. Happy New Year to you, and congratulations on the 100th post! I’m only on about 73 I think, so a little way to go yet!

    I love the Vicar of Dibley and I rewatched the Christmas special one this year too. One of the very few modern sitcoms that I like is Not Going Out, do you ever what that? It’s where Miranda Hart was first introduced to us. I liked her in that, and then I liked her still when she branched out and did her own things, but I know what you mean about things like the camera mugging getting irritating!

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