Moving on – People’s Friend.

Moving on from my last post which was slightly cynical for the festive season, but I do like to write something ‘different’ whenever I can.  The Christmas double issue of People’s Friend is fabulous.  It’s got a recipe in there for millionaire shortbread which I am going to attempt in a minute.  There’s plenty of nature and photographic articles showing snow-covered branches and scenes which are lovely.  There’s an article which corresponds with a blog post here.  About the crisis charity that helps people around Christmas time and it’s all about the volunteers.  Aren’t they good people?  I’ve noticed the stories are really quite modern as well, even though they have a reputation for ‘nice’ stories, there’s one where a lady is expecting all the family to dinner.  She’s de-cluttering, throwing stuff out.  As the story goes on, it turns out she’s taking the family out to a hotel for dinner, rather than do the whole around the table traditional meal.

Another story in the week before’s magazine was showing a teenager who said ‘I heart this house’ which is modern for P.F. I think.  Also the same teenager talked about her bezzie mates.  Now I know this is modern speak, and to see it in People’s Friend stories is wonderful.  Six months ago I felt slightly worried about People’s Friend as they have been so traditional for so long and it’s SO HARD to get a story accepted with them, so well done to anyone who writes for them, and to say they have had quite a re-vamp and are still in my opinion the best short story magazine on the market.  If you haven’t already got one, I’d recommend it.  Now I’m off to have a read of mine, and make that shortbread as well.  Will hopefully post a picture when it’s done.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

15 thoughts on “Moving on – People’s Friend.”

  1. Hi, Susan
    It’s a lovely issue, isn’t it! I wish I had a story in – but I do have stories in the next two issues. I agree, it’s good to see a few modern words and sayings creeping in while still upholding the traditional ‘feel’.

    Hope your shortbread turns out delicious!
    Happy Christmas to you and Yours

  2. I’ve just bought this. Am planning a mass reading of TPF and other womags over Xmas holidays to get me in the mood for writing some new stories. My mum was so chuffed to hear I sold a story to PF as this is the only mag she reads, as she loves all the HAEs!

  3. Hi Tracy, looking forward to reading your story. I have P.F. every week so I should know exactly what they want, it’s just getting it down on paper. I love the HAE’s as well. Thought you meant happy ever after’s, but that would be HEA. What did you mean exactly? Happy Christmas and hope 2013 brings more success your way.xx

  4. Sounds a great edition. And it just shows how much we need to keep up to date with reading the markets! I’ve juts published my new Victorian novella, Mischief at Mulberry Manor, on Amazon so I’ll be able to catch up with my reading soon.

    1. Now that sounds interesting Rosemary, will look it up. Thanks for popping by, and yes, changes are going on all the time in the magazines. They have to change to keep us buying and reading don’t they?

  5. I have had a story idea in mind for quite a while that I think would be perfect for PF, I just hope I can make it as lovely on paper as it is in my head! I’ll make that a New Year challenge to myself – to get the story written and submitted to them.

    I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

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