Story to Take a Break.

Sending out a story to take a break.  It’s one I entered into a competition and didn’t win.  I’m quite confident that it will be published somewhere though, so trying take a break first.  It’s a romantic story and there is a couple of blackbirds involved.  Can’t say anymore at the moment incase the editors are reading.  You know how they have a coffee break and think, ‘wonder what that Sue’s doing today?’ then scroll through my website and blog.

Reading a great book by Elizabeth George, one of those set in Cornwall.  Careless in Red.  I also have a book by Elizabeth George where she tells how she writes.  She worries a lot and seems to lack confidence if the book is anything to go by.  We always assume that published authors whizz out words and then send them out without a care in the world.  Apparently not.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

13 thoughts on “Story to Take a Break.”

  1. This is my first look at your new theme, it’s soooo pwetty! 🙂 I also went over and had a look at your website, looks good, I shall go over and have a more thorough look when I have a chance. You’re pretty proactive about sending things off to magazines etc aren’t you, I should to do more of that sort of thing! I’ve had several articles published, but I need to be putting myself out there more!

    Good luck with your Take a Break story. I have a short story that I’m keen to send somewhere, but it’s a bit different than the standard magazine short stories, so I must try and find an appropriate place to send it to.

    1. Hi Vanessa, glad you like the new theme, still getting used to it myself. I like to have something on the editor’s desk of different magazines, that way I have more chance of getting an acceptance. Good luck with your story too. How about entering it into a competition?

      1. I did enter it into a competition, but I think it was too big of a competition, it was a big international one, I think I might need to set my sights a bit lower. I have an idea for a story that I think would be perfect for People’s Friend, the story is definitely good, I just hope I’m good enough to write it!

    1. Oh nooo, Sally painful. I keep looking out for your accepted one in there as I have it every week. It’s like trying to get into the gold mines of King Solomon to have a story accepted there. We have to persevere though, send it out again, try Take a Break or Woman’s Weekly. Good luck.

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