New theme.

Being as I am now working on my romantic novel, which was on the shortlist of Romantic Novelist’s Association competition for new talent, I thought it was time to update the theme of my blog from that cartoon one to a romantic one.  I like those two love doves don’t you.  I think they’d look better being let out of the cage and flying off though.  Speaking of which, are you all feeding the birds?  It’s gone so cold and frosty now hasn’t it?  I like to put some bread and seeds out for our birds.  We have a couple of black birds who visit, also lots of hedge sparrows who sit on our hedge looking in at me through the kitchen window.  I swear they look in a bad mood if there’s no food.  Water is essential for them as well.

Here’s a little prompt ready for those Easter stories that our magazine editors are looking for at the moment, being as we’re on the subject of birds.  I was going to put a snowy one but these little chaps looked more fun.

I’m aiming to get to my 100th blog post before Christmas, that’s why I’m talking about odd things.




Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

8 thoughts on “New theme.”

  1. I’m feeding the birds. I make them special cakes (mostly lard) and have seed, nuts, sunflowers, niger seeds in various feeders. I grow plants with seeds and berries they like and have a birdbath. As we’re away from home too much to have a pet, they’ve become my substitute.

    1. That’s a fab idea Patsy, I must make some lardy cakes for our birds. Sometimes, on the odd occasion when something turns out wrong! I say, ‘oh it was for the birds anyway’ and the birds might end up with a lawn full of jam tarts with soggy bottoms…..

  2. Ah! Very lovey-dovey – a perfect symbol for a romantic novelist!
    Yes, I have a bird feeder that I can see from the kitchen window. I stopped putting food out for a couple of weeks in the summer, hoping the birds would help themselves to the caterpillars and aphids that invaded my little garden, but one little sparrow kept going to the empty feeder and then perching on the window sill and looking in as if to say ‘where’s my food?’ so I started again.

    1. They do that don’t they Linda. I’m glad it’s not just me. Mine line up in a row on the hedge and look at me, then each other, I swear there’s a frown on their little faces. So cute aren’t they?

    1. Thank you Sally, now all I have to do is complete the novel. I’m at the stage now though where my main character is waiting for me, frowing like those sparrows on the hedge, saying ‘aren’t you supposed to be telling my story. That’s never happened before, she’s become real now.

    1. Hi Rosemary, Mum and Dad have pheasants as well, they’re joined to a woodland. We had a squirrel the other day, I think he was coming for sunflower seeds. Amazing how much wildlife is on our doorsteps isn’t it? Glad you like the lovebirds.xx

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