Phew, I didn’t win the new talent competition with RNA, but getting to the shortlist was a great boost for me, and now I’m looking forward to the critique on chapter 1, and busy writing up more of the story.  Appologies to bloggie friends, you know who you are, J and R, as if you would have needed to collect my award!!!! Who do I think I am? What happened was, the organizer asked me for my mobile number and would ring if I’d won.  I sat looking at the object all night like a twit.  I even left our daughter in charge of it while I popped to the toilet!!

We went out on the car boot today with lots of lovely things, and had a good day, except that I’m coughing like an old man on 40 woodbines a day.  Glad to get home in the warm.  There was an infestation of rats in our shop during the week.  The kind that empty a charity box, and take things that people have worked hard to buy and display for the lovely people in the world.  They thought my phone charger would be useful too.  Can you imagine, one old lady said I could borrow hers to charge my phone, another lady came and popped one on the counter and said. ‘You can have that, as long as you take it home.’  Also children were popping more of their pennies in the pot for poorly people they call it.  How sweet, and isn’t it nice that far more decent people walk the earth.

We have new neighbours.  A lovely young couple who are busy sorting out the garden and talking about chopping down a tree that is bigger than the houses, and has roots that pop up in too many borders.  Isn’t it funny how trees are the fist thing people deal with.  Must say we’ll be more than glad to see the back of it.

Next year, the shops in our row are going to be demolished.  Three of the others that have been there for donkey’s years are having one, but we aren’t offered one.  So hopefully I’ll be doing more writing, and maybe have a part time job to keep us in jam sandwiches.  Happy writing.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

10 thoughts on “Rats.”

  1. Lowest of the low. But the kindness of people always overshadows the meanness of some.

    Hope your cough is better soon – and I think getting on that shortlist is a win in anybody’s book 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Teresa, yes I was amazed. I will finish the whole book, I have the plan of it in my head. Kind people definately out weigh rats. The cough is a bit better. The worst was when I had a coughing fit and let out a blast from the other end on the market. Oh my goodness so embarassing!!!!

    1. Hi Rosemary, and thanks for agreeing to pick up the award if I had won, though I’m secretly relieved as it’s not in any shape to be published yet, so far better for someone else to have a chance. Yes, I’m excited at having sunshine on our front. We do already, but in patches because of the tree, so I’ll be able to grow more flowers, and have more time…xx

    1. I certainly do Tracy, that’s my main project for the new year as I’m busy with Christmas wreaths and arrangements in the shop now. Well done on your choc lit win as well. I was convinced my story would win, but yours was unusual. I must work on more unusual stories, well done on that one.

  2. Hi Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, great to hear from you, I love your comments. I do tend to put a positive spin on most things as I think you have to laugh at life otherwise you’d be a misery guts and let’s face it, nobody likes a misery do they?

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