Exciting news.

I recently entered the Romantic Novelist’s competition for new talent.  Take a look here and see who’s on the shortlist.  So now though I’m not doing nanowrimo as I’ve been busy telling Debz and Vanessa I am busy writing more of the story which is all in plan, now needs to be on paper.  It’s quite exciting as there were over 120 entries I believe.

Now as the title is Hat’s off to Love, here’s some red roses and me in a hat.


Author: susanjanejones

I write articles and short stories, and this year I've become a pocket novelist for my weekly.

26 thoughts on “Exciting news.”

      1. Hi Nicola, it’s not autobiographical, and I know I’ve spelled that wrong. It’s set in the 70’s though, and in a rural Warwickshire town, and it’s ….. well I’m sure you’ll find out. Talk soon.

  1. Excellent news, congratulations Susan! Have fun finishing your story ~ it’s great to feel that passion (haven’t felt it myself for a long while). And you look gorgeous in your wedding hat! 🙂

  2. What fabulous news Susan. WELL DONE! Do you get to the awards ball if on the shortlist?
    Will keep everything crossed for you, but it’s a tremendous achievement to have reached the shortlist in the first place.

    1. Thanks Tracy it is. Yes we get invited, and a partner as well, but I’m a florist in my day job and already doing arrangements like crazy, and writing of course. Thanks for popping by, it’s given me great confidence in my story though.

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