Would you like to comment?

I love commenting on blogs, and it’s great when people reply to mine, thanks Patsy for this lovely chatty badge.  It reminds me of the comics I used to read with the speech in them.  What was your favourite comic?  Mine was The Beezer, it was like a big newspaper and was full of great characters.  Each week I’d be wondering what they’d be up to.  Sometimes I had the Dandy or Beano but it was Beezer that caught my attention the most.  There was Ginger who had a mop of red hair, bendy Pearl the elastic girl with long arms, and baby bud, and Lord Snooty.  I changed to the Diana when I grew up a bit.  That was good as well.  It’s the characters that make the story.  So I’m working on building up my characters for stories, ones that the reader will care about.

People I’m passing this award on to are VanessaRosalie and Gail.  I know it should be more than that, but never mind, I’m not a rule follower, except when it comes to short story competitions.


21 thoughts on “Would you like to comment?

  1. Thank you kindly for the award!

    I used to like comics too when I was little, I never really went for the girly type ones like Bunty, I preferred the ones like you mentioned. I think my favourite was Whizzer and Chips, do you remember that one? After that I progressed onto Jackie and Blue Jeans.

  2. Well done on your award, Suzy – I’m off to collect mine shortly! Although I enjoyed all the comics you mentioned, my absolute favourite was Bunty which I got from the first issue. Loved the annuals too!

  3. My brothers used to have the Beezer and The Beano so I read them as well as my copy of Girl. Years later I was filling in those lovely word bubbles in your picture and writing for comics. Shame they’re all disappearing now.

    1. Yay I’m glad you loved the Beezer as well Lynne. How exciting to write for comics. They will come back into fashion I’m sure, everything does go full circle. I’d forgotten about girl.

  4. My was Jackie… I loved copying the drawing of the lovers kissing. My friends would get me to draw them kissing their boyfriends in the same style with speech bubbles.

    1. That’s right Sally there was. The only thing that put me off Bunty was the name of it. I think it’s because it reminded me of Billy Bunter in the old black and white films. Good comic though.

  5. I think Bunty seems to be the most popular comic for girls Teresa, I must have been a bit of a tomboy. I liked girly things but found them a bit embarassing. Think it’s because I wanted to act like a boy to please Dad who always wanted to show us boyish things to do. He bought us a football subuteo game one Christmas…

  6. My friend used to get Jackie and we did all the quizzes. Stuff like ‘does your boyfriend really love you’ (even if we didn’t have a boyfriend at the time)

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