Lovely Abums.

Here’s some pictures of my lovely abums.  All through childhood I called all flowers abums.  Reason being that my Grandad and Grandma has a plant nursery, and the topics of conversation that I always overheard at this time of the year were ‘lovely chrysanthemums’  They grew fields full of beautiful blooms for market, or customers who called in at the nursery.  My main job was going round smelling these pretty flowers.  The smell is something wonderful, and I don’t know of any other British flower that is so beautiful.  The word chrysanthemums was a bit too long for me to comprehend, so it sounded to me like abums for short.

We’ve got lots of tomatoes turning red now, and those green ones are on the windowsill.  I plan to make some chutney soon, also looking forward to tomatoes on toast, tomatoes with cheese and home-grown tomatoes with everying.

As you see, the house next door is now sold.  I can’t help thinking it’s still belongs to the old lady who’s gone into a home.  She’s happy there though, and well cared for, so she’s better off.  She always passed us produce from her allotment over the wall, like marrows or courgettes.  She talked about how she was a wren in the war a lot as well.  I think the new people loved the abums so much they can’t wait to move in.  Wonder if they realise they’re moving next to the Abums family:))    The book I’m reading at the moment is ‘Little Stranger’ by Sarah Waters.  It’s gripping, set in Warwickshire in an old house where a family are trying to keep the house going but are struggling.  It’s such a good story that I don’t want to give anything away incase you may read it one day.   


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

10 thoughts on “Lovely Abums.”

    1. I think I’m getting it now, two thirds into the story I thought, ‘something doesn’t seem right’. You know when you’re tempted to skip to the last page? Thanks for popping by.

  1. You are so lucky to have all those tomatoes, Suzy. What’s your secret? Ours have been very mixed results this year.
    Hope all goes well with your new neighbours.

  2. Hi Gail, it’s Levington’s compost, give them plenty of tomato food, keep them in the greenhouse, and some outdoors. You do have to talk to them of course. Or they prefer it if you sing to them. Use large enough pots for the roots to spread out as well, and take off lower leaves to let the sun get to them. Maybe a bit of luck is in there as well… We have about ten times that many all round the windowsills, I can’t bear to throw the little seedlings away, so I pot them all up and end up with a million tomatoes. Thanks for popping by. Will let you know about the neighbours.

    1. Maybe Levington’s is the secret ingredient. I do most of the rest, including talking to them, though I haven’t gone as far as singing yet!! OH says my singing would probably kill them off straight away. 😦

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