Award from Juliet.

Thank you Juliet for this award.  Now I need to tell you ten things about me, and link to six other blogs I like.  So, here’s my ten things.

1.  I love reading People’s Friend and hope to have a story published in there one day.

2.  I work in our shop on the estate with hubby Alan.  They’re due to be re-developed, knocked down and re-built.  There will be only three next time instead of the existing six.  We knew this when we went in there five years ago, so this will be our last year in the shop of inspirations.  I call it that because of the wide range of characters and stories we hear.  Ideal for me.

3.  Before the shop, I worked as a hypnotherapist for two years.  I had lots of clients, some lovely, some awful.  The worst one was……. oh no, confidential.  I’ll put it in the novel instead.

4.  I made curry for tea it was super-duper.  Here’s the ingredients. Oil in pan, shallots chopped, herbs, rosemary, thyme, sage, crushed corriander seed, grated carrots, chopped celery, parsley, chopped apple, green pepper sliced, green tomatoes, stir fry that with chunks of chicken; mine and Mom and Dad’s was made in a seperate pan and had quorn pieces.  Simmer with some water, add tomato sauce, magic mixture, which is (a heaped spoon of chutney made last year with brown sugar, vinegar chopped apple, tomatoes and peppers.)  Into that, if you’re still with me!! a knor stock cube, then sprinkle a touch of gravy granules.  In the meantime, boil up some rice with a dash of oil and an oxo cube in the water.  Add some mixed frozen veg to the rice to give a splash of colour.  When it’s cooked and drained (the rice) add some of the green giant corn with peppers from a tin.  So, there you have it.  Curry a la mode.  Forgot to say, add a good dash of curry powder:))

5.  I sat down to write my C.V.  Aren’t they the most stupid things ever.  By time I’d finished I was wondering, ‘who is this woman?  I must employ her myself.

6.  I entered a story to the ‘Leaving home for the first time’ Black coffey publishing website.  The same one who’re doing the growing up in the 70’s.  I’m on the long list of 11 from 45 so keeping fingers crossed.  It’s a work of fiction.  There’s a man in it with a cute bum. FICTION…..

7.  Today, I popped round to see Mom and Dad as they live round the corner.  It’s great to know that they’re only a walk away if they need me or vice versa.  Aren’t Mom and Dad’s great?  Dad told me a joke about a stage coach.  There was a man on top of the coach acting as a lookout.  The others were robbers, robbing everyone along the way.  They kept shouting to the man on top. ‘Can you see anyone.’ At one point he saw an Indian in the distance.  He shouted. ‘It’s o.k he’s only this big. (Inch high)  They kept robbing and looting and shouting to the man on top of the stage coach, anyone in sight? He said only the Indian he’s this big (three inch high) robbing, looting, ‘Anyone in sight? ‘Yes, the Indian’s this big, (normal height) The robbers shouted, ‘Well shoot him then.’  The lookout said, ‘I can’t I’ve known him since he was this big. (inch high)…

8.  The house next door is up for sale.  We don’t want new neighbours, we had a lovely lady and she went into a home.  When people come round to view, I get the lawn mower out, our son says he’s going to wear his boxers and shout over the fence with a beer can in hand.  Hubby says he’s going to go out at night and write SOLD across the sign.  Aren’t we awful…

9.  I love entering competitions.  I’ve sent my entry in to Choc- lit.   I’m covinced it’s the winning entry, I wouldn’t have sent it otherwise.

10.  Following on from 8, our neighbours on the others side… well…We had moved in before I happened to look over the hedge…Who did I see but my old maths teacher, and maths was one of my worst subjects at school.  I automatically nearly shouted out ten tens are a hundred, pythagoras is equal to the sum of the square root on both sides, but I said, ‘hello’ and went in instead.

Here are six blogs I like.  If you’ve had one before, leave it.  I think I have actually had one before, but It’s a nice colour isn’t it, and thank you Juliet for thinking of me.

12 thoughts on “Award from Juliet.

  1. Congratulations on your award! I loved reading your ten things and with your warmth and friendly way of writing, I can’t imagine it’ll be long before you achieve number 1.

    I think if I’d moved in next door to my Maths teacher, he would have run off down the road screaming and tearing his hair out 😉
    Thank you so much for passing it on x

  2. Congratulations on your award, Susan, and thanks for passing it on.
    I loved your ten things – specially No 8. We’re probably getting new neighbours soon, too, so now I know what to do if we don’t like the look of them!!!

    1. Oh, it’s always a worry isn’t it Gail. It’s just that we has such a dear old lady who gave us marrows from her allotment and always had a chat over the wall about her days in the WAF and other history about the area where we live. I couldn’t imagine anyone else in her house. Love your stories, keep up the good work.xx

  3. Hi Teresa, thanks for your kind comments about P.F. I can see that their replys are getting more endearing, so I’m always hopeful. I certainly know what they want now as I read all the stories every week. The serials are the best as well, great settings and characters that I would love to meet in real life.xx

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