A worrying weekend.

It’s been a worrying weekend.  Dad took Mom to hospital on Saturday morning as she couldn’t speak or walk properly, and her mouth had gone down on one side.  After lots of tests, they got her into bed, and she’s had lots of rest, more tests and scans, and thankfully is improving slightly each day.  I normally keep quite cheery on my blog, but as it’s a real live proper newsy type of blog, Mom is uppermost in my thoughts at the moment.  Both me and my Sister went to visit her tonight, and she was looking quite happy and smiling which is always nice to see.  She’s had a mini stroke, which is better than one like my Grandma had, (Dad’s Mum) she didn’t speak again after hers, and that was horrible.

On the Saturday, when she was settled in, she was looking for a note-book.  I had one in my bag, with roses on, one of those freebies you get from charities, so I handed her that.  She got a pen out, and told me she was going to write down ‘observations.’

“Then you can put them all in your book Sue.”  She told me.  What confidence she has in me, so now I must be getting on with that book.  She was proud to see my photo in the Writing magazine which I was able to show her, and I told her all about my winning story on the Emerald site, the one where the dog ate the canary, then grabbed a rat, that was swallowed by the python, with the dog and one of the house-sitters.  It was my daughter who suggested that I write too many nicey nicey stories, ‘you need more blood and guts Mum in your stories’ she told me.  So she must be right, also my Mom said.

‘That must be what people want.’ So, horror is my new genre.  I have a good horror story about the back of our shop.  Can’t give away any details as it will perhaps go into a competition.  Nothing to do with snakes or rats though, or house-sitters.  Actually when we first went there, one look in through the door was enough of a horror story.  The plan was to use the back of the shop as a hypnotherapy room.  People would need therapy after being in there, so we opened a shop instead.

I’ve sent my entries into the Torbay poetry competition today.  Two I feel confident with, the other two are more for fun, so hoping to win of course.  Next competition I’m having a go at is the choc-lit one.  About hero’s, and I have the perfect story, and it’s not the usual type of thing, so all I have to do is write it up and send it out by the end of August, so must get on with that.

I must say how hard the nurses are working every time we go into the hospital.  Mom says the food is lovely, they even sent her with a packed lunch when she had to go over to Coventry hospital and she would miss her meal.  They are really lovely, making her stay as comfortable as possible.  We only hear bad things about hospitals, but I have only seen good.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

16 thoughts on “A worrying weekend.”

  1. Sue
    I know exactly what you mean. My Dad is in hospital too – he had a hip replacement op today. It seems to have gone well but it’s still a worry, isn’t it? I hope your Mum continues to improve and is out too. The hospital my Dad is in is excellent (Burton). I agree, we hear bad things about the NHS but this is a good ‘un!

  2. Oh, Susan, I do hope your Mom gets well soon ~ it sounds as if she’s in the right place, with dedicated staff looking after her. You have been busy with your writing, too ~ congratulations on all your successes. Horror has never been my favourite genre to read or to write but it does seem perennially popular, so good luck with the story about the shop! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad that your mum is ok Susan.My mum had a big stroke just before Christmas, so i know how worrying it is.
    She sounds a lovely lady.I do hope she continues to make a full recovery.Thinking of you all. xx

  4. Hugs, Sue
    Hope your mum is soon completely recovered. How lovely she’s going to write her ‘Observations’ for you.
    Love to you and Yours

  5. Pat I know, I keep looking at it, I’ll have to snaffle it one day and see what she’s put. She’s left handed, and it’s her right side that’s been affected, but she is recovering. Thanks for your thoughts.x

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