Awards from Teresa.

Teresa has sent me two lovely awards, thank you.  Not only for the awards, but for keeping me entertained with your smashing stories.  And Teresa is now on Twitter for anyone who may be on there and not following her yet.  One thing I always love about the stories written by Teresa is that there’s usually a family, and a dog, and plenty of action and problems, but hopefully a happy ending.  She writes the stories that I’m aiming for.  Then again, I remember reading a story about scarecrows, it scared me, quite witchy in fact.  I quite like your scary stories Teresa, so hope there will be more of those.

I have a letter in the September issue of Writing Magazine.  Thank you to Nicola for pointing this out.  I heard this week that it won’t be long until my story about growing up in the 1970’s is published.  There will be four stories in the book.  Now I have to list 7 family things about me.

1.  I broke my nose while out walking with Mum and our cousins.  I climbed up on an old gate and swung upside down. (can’t think why?) All of a sudden, the gate crashed down, I saw stars.  The good thing was, Mum and Dad bought me a black poodle.

2.  We lived in West Africa for a year while growing up.  I hated it at first, and kept on at Mum to send home for ham cobs, cheese cobs, and other favourite foods.  It grew on me after a while, when Mum made paw paw pie.  It tasted like apple, so it wasn’t too bad.

3.  When we went to Auntie’s for Sunday tea, we’d play that game where one person whispers something, then passes it on.  The fun is when you got to the end and the sentence was nothing to do with the one that started off.

4.  I grew up on a plant nursery, where Grandad would spend lots of time, helping me with jig-saws and telling nursery rhymes.

5.  I have three children, who are now grown up adults.  They are great, and always make me laugh without even trying.

6.  I’m married to a man who is the best best best.

7.  Our daughter makes wonderful cakes.  She’s just phoned and told me she’s made lemon cake and fairy cakes.  I’m hoping to get a picture, then I’ll put it on here.

I am passing these lovely awards on to anyone who wants one.

I sent a story off to Take a Break in February.  They sent it back in July.  Now I think they must have liked it as sometimes I get one back in the same week.  So now that same story has been altered a bit and sent out to Woman’s Weekly.  Fingers crossed.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

14 thoughts on “Awards from Teresa.”

  1. Susan, I really enjoyed reading your list and learning more about you; thank you for sharing. It sounds like you have a wonderful family who you adore 🙂

    Good to see you reworking your stories – that is the best way. What one editor rejects another accepts. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx

  2. Loved your answers 🙂 Ouch – your nose! I had mine broken too – by my dog Cassie! It is lovely to reflect on lovely times though isn’t it?

    The fact that they kept your story for so long must mean it came close. Good luck with WW 🙂 x

  3. Take a Break keeping your story for so long is definitely a good sign. Sending good luck vibes that WW will love it. I also loved Teresa’s scarecrow story – some stories really stay with you, don’t they? And that one did! Great answers!

  4. Well done on your awards, Susan. It was lovely reading about you. Have you thought about setting some of your stories in West Africa with your wonderful sense of humour, I sure they will jump out in the slush pile and into print. Good luck with WW magazine.

  5. Hi Paula, that’s a good idea. I did write one I think, it tended to turn into a bit of a camp carry on style story. (As a lot of mine do) It would be good for me to write out all of the things I didn’t like. My dad actually wrote ten articles for a magazine I used to publish. Then for his 70’th I had them done into a small booklet. He wrote some brilliant stories that bring tears to your eyes. I seem to see the humour in things, so nice of you to point it out. We had a large tree in our garden. I loved to climb it, and discovered it was full of fruit. The starving children broke my heart, so one day I picked handfulls of the guavas, and started throwing them, to the little kids. All of a sudden a whole gang came from nowhere, that was slightly scary, and unsettling to see, but they loved the fruit. Think I got a telling off for doing that though. Talk soon.xx

  6. Paw paw pie sounds wonderful!! And it taste like apples? How fabulous!

    Yay for your brilliant awards!! All the best with your soon to be publication! How exciting!! Take care

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