I watched the opening ceremony last night and I thought it was the best thing on t.v. for ages.  I’ve heard one or two say they were disappointed.  I can’t understand that to be frank.  Not that I’m a cross dresser, I’m Sue really of course.  But being frank again, it was amazing.  Those glowing insects with wings on bikes when arctic monkeys played that sssh sssh song was fab.  And to see Ali there, that was a lovely touch.  I missed the queen parachuting in, I’d popped out to pick up our son from work, but I heard about it.  Then when the children ran with the torch at the end, if that didn’t make your heart soar, then I’d question whether you’re British or even breathing.  I loved the child catcher, all those dancing nurses, some even were nhs workers, and all those volunteers?? It was the best opening ceremony I’ve ever seen.  One of those young people is on t.v. now, so off to watch that.  Enjoy your olympics everyone.  This is the outdoor pool in Brixham.  The nearest sporting photo I have.  The one of me running the marathon doesn’t seem to be available:))


8 thoughts on “Olympics.

  1. Me too Nicola, made me feel so proud and I wasn’t expecting that… I loved that bit where that lovely singer sang Abide with me, and the dance symbolising facing and fighting death; that’s what I made of it. So moving.

    1. Susan, I just got my copy of Writing magazine and who should be in it but yourself!!! Great little piece on your course. Your tutor sounds wonderful. Who was the course with? I have just started one on Proofreading and Copyediting with ChapterHouse.

      1. Hey Nicola, that’s fab, (I must find another word, but fab fab fab says what I mean) the course was ages ago Nicola, with the Writing School, who later became Writer’s Buereau I think, I also think I’ve spelt Buereau wrong, but i’m quite excited. I must get one. It helped me no end. It was a comprehensive course which covered 20 lessons. The tutor you have is so important though, as you read from my letter. Thanks for letting me know.xx

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