Debz 200 competition.

I heard from Jessica Baggaley from Writing magazine, that a letter of mine is going in the next issue of Writing magazine, or it could be Writer’s News will let you know more on that nearer the time.

Now over on Debz writing blog, she’s got a competition going on.  You need to post 200 words of fiction, she’s asking for dialogue, a voice, characters that stand out.  You can see my go here.  You can win a chance of having up to 2,000 words edited.  The story I’ve posted on there is called – Granddad’s Piano.  I’ve sent it to People’s Friend, who sent it back, but I think it’s a story worth working on.  It’s been on as well, where I had some great help.  Hope you enjoy the start of it, then one day hopefully it’ll be published in full.

I’ve just about finished my entry to the Black Coffee Publishing site, Leaving home for the first time.  The one – Growing up in the 1970’s is due to be released on the 29th July.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

7 thoughts on “Debz 200 competition.”

  1. You’re so busy! I am totally lacking in inspiration at the moment – maybe I need a holiday! It’s either that or I’ll have to run away and join the circus.

    1. Oh Julia, that’s so funny, you could write a story about that. I made my slogan for this year – Just write, right! so that’s what I’m doing. I am having fun as well.

  2. You have been busy! Well done on getting a letter in the writing magazine – and the competition entries! I just read yours – loved it, characters came over well in so few words! Good luck 🙂 x

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