Time to get gardening.

It’s a busy time in the garden now.  What did you do this weekend?  I transplanted some lettuce plants into tubs in the greenhouse.  Transferred some cornflowers into larger tubs and placed them on the back yard.  Some clusters of  multi-coloured cornflowers have gone into the front border.  Hopefully they’ll spread and come on their own each year.  There’s some sunflowers in tubs now, also a few in the border on the front.

We have a well established fruit patch on the back garden consisting of strawberries that ramble and multiply.  A great chunk of rhubarb.  In the berries, there’s blackcurrant, redcurrant, blueberry, green gooseberry, red gooseberry and raspberry.  Dotted among those are bluebells, whitebells, the beginnings of foxgloves, aqueliga, plenty of nettles and dandelions as well.  We’ve just had apple and rhubarb crumble with custard for pudding.  You know when you can’t decide on apple or rhubarb? The best solution – mix the two.  It’s delicious.  Not forgetting a generous splinkling of nutmeg, makes all the difference.


I’m going to be busy making up hanging baskets over the next few weeks for our shop.  I’ll take some pictures when they’re done.  A friend told me about this website yesterday.


They’re looking for articles on gardening, details are on the blog.  I’ve sent one in, hoping to hear soon.  You get some seeds if your article is used.  Always useful aren’t they?

We went out on to the market today with our shop goods.  Lots of people around, and though it was lovely and sunny it was slightly windy.  So being as I have sensitive skin, I wear a straw hat against the sun, which kept blowing off, so I had to tie it on because of the wind.  I’ll blog off now, as I should be writing something else… Happy gardening, and writing. Or as our daughter keeps telling me, writing about gardening.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

6 thoughts on “Time to get gardening.”

  1. I wish I was as green fingered as you! I don’t like gardening, mowing the lawn is about as far as I get – I leave the rest to my other half. Good Luck with the gardening articles!

  2. Thanks Sally. Didn’t realise I was green fingered, I thought everyone did these things. Maybe because I grew up on a nursery, and there everyone did their bit. I just love getting messy and mucky. Better still, I love the fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Good luck with your writing as well.

  3. I earthed up my spuds, turned the compost heap, sowed four kinds of beans, courgettes, cucumbers and asparagus peas and have started hardening off the tomatoes and chillies. Other than that I didn’t have a lot of time for gardening.

    1. Blimey Patsy, my tomatoes are quite babyish at the moment, so they’re being molly-coddled in peat pots in the greenhouse. I need to put more compost onto spuds as well. Mine are in large tubs. Whenever do you find time for writing??? Glad you do…

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