Thanks Patsy for this lovely flower, looks like a gerbra to me.  I’ll soon be planting some marigold seeds, and sweetpeas as I can’t resist the smell of them on the windowsill.  So here’s a few things about me. (Apart from that the flower picture has gone) So, here’s my grumpy pansy instead.

1.  I love a cup of cappucino when I come in from work.

2.  I’m addicted to books. They’re in the bookcase, on the coffee table, in my handbag, and when I get chance, I pop into the second hand book shops, and the library to get more.

3. I’m reading one by Elizabeth George at the moment. A crime story set in Cornwall, called Careless in red. It’s one of the Inspector Lynley ones.

4.  I’ve put some lettuce seeds in the greenhouse that are beginning to pop up, under polythene of course.

5.   We live in Warwickshire, though I was born in Staffodshire, and if I walk across the road, through the fields, up through the woods, and onto the top of the heath, I can look out over Leicestershire to the East, where our lovely daughter lives, then see Derbyshire to the North, Staffordshire is in the West, and more of Warwickshire is behind me in the South.

6.    I love entering writing competitions. I won £25.00 in Eddie Walsh’s four sentences story competition at Christmas time.  Hoping to win some more in future. Speaking of which, I’d better get entering hadn’t I?

7.  I love blogging and working on my website here.

8.  I once did a talk on flower arranging for the WI.  I thought it was disastrous, but everyone kept telling me it was fab, and could I do another one!!

9.  Me and my sister used to make rosettes, and took them to Warwick where a riding school used to have lots.  Then one day, we decided to do a deal with a warehouse, and I mis-quoted the price.  I told the man on the phone we could do them for a pound, and he ordered about twenty thousand… ooops, it took us all day to do fifty, so with that, and that they cost us a pound to make, wasn’t such a good idea.  He was really narky on the phone when I had to back track.

10.  I worked at a zoo once.  It was great to wander around during dinner breaks watching the monkeys and gorillas.  The dust was awful though.

Here are my three sunny people who I’m passing the award on to.    Juliet.   Rosalie     Debz



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

8 thoughts on “Sunshine”

  1. A well deserved award, Susan! I love these snippets of information about your life and who you are. I was born in Nuneaton, though I left there before I was five. Your rosette experience reminds me of when I went on a business course for women and they tried to persuade me I could make a living out of papier-mâché pigs, which take weeks to make, dry thoroughly, paint and varnish – and there’s only one of me! I looked much like your grumpy pansy, when I did the maths!

  2. Hi Jacqueline, Nuneaton is a lovely bustling market town. George Eliot was born there as well, so a good inspiration for writing. Yes, I was a bit of a grummpy pansy as well, when the man told me off, and kept demanding he wanted those rosettes. I tend to jump in a bit and think about it later. I should write a story about it shouldn’t I?

  3. Wayah! Thank you Susan for nominating me for such a wonderfully cheerful award!

    Getting to work on it now!

    I love your pansy, it looks like a sunshine pansy to me. I love your facts. You were brave to talk to the WI. I tend to shove things into vases and hope for the best. Maybe I should ask you for some tips ….. 🙂

    1. Hi Juliet. What it was; I did a few demonstrations, wedding bouquet, corsage, and a dish, then I asked. ‘would anyone like to have a go?’ I allowed fifteen minutes when I imagined they’d come rushing forward, and all get stuck in. (I’m from the Midlands, and that’s how we go about things) Big mistake…. never anticipate what your ladies will do. They all looked up at the ceiling and didn’t want to have a go at all… EEEeeek, I had to go over more demonstrations, so never assume is my top tip…..

      1. Oooer. That sound horrendously scary. Good for you for pulling it back from the brink.

        Humph for them not wanting to have a go. What a chance to miss!!!

        My daffodils are now almost all out, but I’ve resisted the temptation and left them in the garden, but I might have a look for some flowers to try and arrange!


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