What’s your favourite Dicken’s story?

On my other blog which I don’t use that often, I was tagged by Teresa. As most people have been tagged, I linked to this blog, where I asked which Charles Dicken’s book I like best.  I love the Oliver Twist musical by Lionel Bart, and Great Expectations is full of great characters, but the book I own which I picked up in the Isle of Wight in the eighties is one of my favourites.  The Old Curiosity Shop.  It’s the characters, the humour and colourful imagery that I find more vivid than any other story I know.

We meet Quilp, the ugly dwarf who treats his wife awfully, and Mr. Dick Swiveller.  Can you imagine, if I wrote a story about the dandy Mr. Dick Swiveller, I’m sure it’d come whizzing straight back at me, but Dicken’s got away with some great lines.  I’m sure Dicken’s self-published lots of his novels, in installents.  That way, he could test whether his readers wanted more of the story or not.  My Old Curiosity Shop is quite faded now, but I still pick it up and read a chapter now and again for inspiration.  It’s definately my favourite book of his that I’ve read so far.  Which is your favourite and why? That’s my question…..


10 thoughts on “What’s your favourite Dicken’s story?

  1. A Christmas Carol because I love ghost stories. It has been made as a film in so many different ways, even by the Muppets! Then again, I love David Copperfield. I also enjoyed reading his American Notes many years ago.

  2. Great Expectations every time! Although I always enjoy reading A Christmas Carol again too, and when a story is not so complex it gives you more chance to think about the language.

  3. I think Great Expectations has to be one of Dicken’s most read books Joanne. They are powerful now, so imagine how they must have been in his time. I like the message that’s behind the story. He is an inspirational writer isn’t he? Thanks for popping by.

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