The Milkshakes.

Meet the Milkshakes.  Hope you enjoy reading.  With all the warmer weather, soon be time to start clearing the garden.  We’ve got some hyacinth bulbs beginning to flower, they smell wonderful.  I’ve grown some in compost in bowls, and tried some in a plastic cup of water; experimenting to see which come out best.  At the moment, it’s the ones in water that are almost flowering.  Those are indoors though, so they’ve got a warmer spot on the front windowsill.

Here’s my poem for Springtime.


The best time to sell your house they say,

So I’ll de-clutter some junk, and then feng shui.

Chuck out old trainers piled in the hall,

Paint magnolia wall to wall.

Brush down cobwebs, shake the mats.

Hide my knitting, hobbies and crafts.

Place personal photos safe in a draw,

Turf out the mower and cut the lawn.

Tulips planted in tubs down the path,

Clear out the shed then fill the bird bath.

Prepare the greenhouse for plants and seeds.

Brushing the yard is all that it needs.

Clean the front window, enjoy the scene

Woodland trees sprouting green.

Seagulls circling piercing squeals,

A Farmer’s tractor ploughing the field.

If I viewed this house I wouldn’t think twice,

But something’s wrong, it doesn’t seem right.

Family photos look best on the wall,

Trainers are handy when kept in the hall.

Coffee bubbling fresh in the pot,

Chocolate cakes steaming hot.

Spring-cleanings done for another year,

I won’t be moving; my home is here.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

14 thoughts on “The Milkshakes.”

  1. Love the poem and ‘The Milkshakes’ Susan! With your excellent observational skills, you paint vivid, yet familiar scenes! Was just thinking, yesterday, that both house and garden could do with sprucing up for the new season. Thanks for directing me to the Creative Cafe – what a brilliant idea! With so many town centre shops closing, concepts like this (for arts and crafts/music as well, perhaps?) could play a significant part in community rejuvenation.

    1. Thank you so much Teresa. It came from a time when we were going to sell, then I thought, why would I move from our loving home that’s much more than a house. Several people in our local are who’ve lived here before me, all told me they regretted moving from here. It’s a magical house – home….

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      When all the sprucing up’s done, that’s when you appreciate the lovely home you’ve made. It’s the squeaky floorboards, and uneven walls that make a home special isn’t it?

  2. Congratulations on the publication of your milkshakes.

    I love the scent of hyacinths and grew some this winter – they’ve finished flowering now so I’ll have to wait for the ones in the garden to come out.

    1. Hi Patsy, thanks, I think the Milkshakes will have more adventures. Hyachinths are versatile aren’t they? I should have planted them for Christmas, but they’re on the windowsill now. I’ve got some in the garden as well.

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