Four years in our shop.

Today we have been in our shop for four years.  It’s in the middle of an estate, where people pop in to say hello, and other things that are more personal.  It’s lovely chatting to them, and listening to different stories, funny or touching sometimes.

We came home a bit earlier today as it’s started snowing.  That picture was taken during the summer.  I was wrapped up like an eskimo today.  We keep the door open, as it’s easier for customers to pop in, also we find that having half the shop outside, a bit like Open All Hours, helps to sell our stuff.  Soon, we’ll be painting that red part green to match the garden theme, as we sell plants in the spring and Summer.

I will be making up hanging baskets when the weather gets warmer, but for now, it’s sausages and onions on rolls with tomatoes.  Heating on, and slippers keeping my feet toasty and warm.  Here’s a poem about the wintery weather.

Quote of the day comes from Georgette Heyer.

“Presumably, if you continue to hand over the goods your sales are bound to increase a bit.”


Poem.  Fire Gazing.

Fire Gazing

Gazing deep into a crackling fire,

Flames curling round and snaking higher.

Toasted chestnuts, crunchy toast,

Buttered crumpets I like most.

So cosy here,

With my glass of beer.

Pillows behind me,

Feeling very comfy.

A knock at the door, wind is howling,

I won’t go to answer, thieves may be prowling.

Telephone rings breaking my dreams,

They’re trying to sell double glazing it seems.

I shout, “Go away for goodness sake.”

Then settle back down with a large slice of cake.

An almighty crash, then glass all around,

That gigantic tree, uprooted from ground.

So now I have to make a call,

I need new windows after all.

Gazing deep into the dying ember,

Where’s my phone book? I can’t remember.

The man next door gave me a shout,

I tried to warn you but thought you were out.

Just go away for goodness sake,

Leave me alone with my beer and cake.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “Four years in our shop.”

  1. What a lovely picture to remind us it will get warmer 🙂 Congratulations on your fourth anniversary – your shop sounds brilliant. Loved the Georgette Heyer quote and the poem! x

  2. Thanks Sally, we have busy and quiet periods. It’s quiet at the moment, but that gives me time to scribble down ideas for articles and competitions. Then when the sun comes out, we get busy, so that’s good as well.

  3. Congratulations on your shop’s anniversary. Our garden, too, has disappeared under a blanket of snow. Looks lovely through the window, but I’m staying put in the warm.

  4. Congratulations on your shop’s four year anniversary! I’m beginning to look towards warmer weather and getting on with some gardening – it’s too cold at the moment, although we’ve only had a sprinkling of snow. The images you conjure up with your poem amusing and cosy – lovely!

    1. Thanks Jacqueline. Glad you liked the poem. I hate those interfering phone calls don’t you when there’s nobody there? The bulbs are the first plants we have, like hyacinths, and daffs, then tulips.

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