Irresistibly sweet.

Thanks Patsy for this lovely award.  It looked so tasty that I went and made cheese scones immediately.  My meringues tend to be a bit gooey, and didn’t have strawberries and cream in the cupboard.  Here’s the cheese scone recipe:-

6oz self-raising flour.

2oz marge (stork)

pinch of salt, pepper, half teaspoon of mustard powder, herbs of your choice. (I used pinch of sage, parsley and celery seeds)

Large spoon of finely chopped onion.

Bowl of roughly grated cheese./ 1 egg beaten in a bowl.  splash of milk.

Sieve the flour, add salt and herbs, mix in cheese.  Make a well in the centre, then stir in egg and milk.  Mix with a fork, then use your hands until it resembles pastry mix.  If it’s too dry, add a spot more milk.  Flour the surface, roll into a round, like the strawberry picture above.  Mark into six wedges with a sharp knife, then brush with left over milk.  Sprinkle with more cheese, then bake in a hot oven. 200C and bake for 10 – 15 minutes.  These are best eaten hot, with soup or good with salad……..   See what you made me do Patsy?  I’ve now got irresistible savouries in the kitchen.  Half of it left anyway….

Now, Seven things about me you might not know.

1.    My favourite colour is green – all shades.

2.   I love to cook, though I failed my cookery exam at school.  They wanted a more fancy apple pie.  I prefer a tasty one to a ponsy fancy one.

3.   When I decide on a character’s name in a fiction story,  I always have a feeling I know that person, and they exist somewhere in the real world.

4.    I read the tarot cards, my favourite set are the Romany ones, though I’ve got lots of packs.

5.    One of my favourite savoury foods is cheese scones, I’m working hard not to eat the rest of them.

6.    My other savoury favourites are sausage rolls, and corned beef pie.

7.     When Alan and me, or should it be I? Thing is I don’t talk like that, and they say, (whoever they are) that when you’re writing you have to find your voice, well, I do think I’ve found my voice, which err’s on the aga saga side rather than Joanna Trollope, though I like her writing.  So, as I was saying, when Alan and me got married for the second time, it was in a windmill. 

Now to pass this lovely little cookie on to seven sweet bloggers.  Here they are:-

Gail Crane

Lynne Hackles.

Hilary Melton Butcher.

Sally Jenkins.

Nicola Davies.

Bob Scotney.

Victoria Lamb.

I didn’t realise Meg Hutchinson had passed away.  I’m glad to have discovered her books, and they’re all the more precious now.



Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

16 thoughts on “Irresistibly sweet.”

  1. Thank you so much! You are very sweet indeed! I’m not quite sure what to do with it though – blog a recipe and pass it on, or make a list as you have done?

    Many thanks though for thinking of me, especially considering my blog is so very new. I’m touched!


    1. Hi Victoria, no that was just me putting a recipe, though you can if you like. You have to right click on the picture, then paste it to your next blog, linking back to me, put seven things about yourself, then nominate 7 other blogs you like. Your blog looks great, and so do your books. Will take a closer look when I have more time. Good luck with them. You don’t have to pick up the sweet award if you don’t want to, good fun though isn’t it?

  2. I read the tarot as well, Susan. Although i don’t know if i do it properly, but it often ties in with what’s going on in my life.I use the Celtic pack. I bet getting married in a windmill was fun!

  3. Thanks so much for the explanation, Susan. That’s very helpful. I’m getting ready to meet some bloggers in london tomorrow, so don’t think I’ll get a chance to go online again now until Sunday, but hopefully I’ll get my lovely ‘sweet’ award up on my blog by then. I think it will be fun to think up 7 things about myself!

  4. If only cheese scones were the worst thing I’d ever been responsible for!

    Wouldn’t want to read cards or anything like that as I’m not sure that knowing what was to come would help me.

  5. Ha, they were lovely though. We took some to work today with our salad. The cards are only a guide to what’s possible Patsy, nothing sinister. People love having them read, and looking at the lovely colourful pictures helps them talk over what’s bothering them. Thanks for my lovely strawberry sweet. Tried thanking you on your blog, but the computer wouldn’t let me for some reason……

  6. Hello!! I love that I pop over to your blog and there’s an amazing scone recipe that sounds utterly yummy!!! I love love love baking scones so will most definitely try this – thank you for sharing!

    Huge congratulations with your award!!

    I’m a “Me and Charlie” type of gal! LOL!

    take care

  7. Susan, THANK YOU so much 🙂 You have put a huge smile on my face at a time when I surely need it. Thank you not only for the award, but also for your continued support of my blog and my ongoing blogging ‘journey.’ You are a star xxx

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