I won a competition.

I won a competition along with Sally and Rose.  It was a four sentence story, and the prize was £25.00.  Wouldn’t it be great to always be paid that much for four sentences?  Thanks to Eddie Walsh at Emerald writing workshop for running these competitions.  There’s a list of the 2012 ones on his website.

I’ve posted my entry today to the Coc lit competition.  I’m always convinced when I post off a story that it will knock the judges socks off.  They’ll say, “Hey, where’s this writer been until now?” So wish me luck with that.  Now, have you all finished eating all those chocolates? No, neither have I; so I’m well qualified to enter Della Galton’s competition for ‘The resolution that went wrong’ there’s a great prize of her book ‘moving on.’   Details on Helen’s blog.  It’s how to move on from short stories to novels.  I’d be quite happy to move on from short jottings to short stories, but it’s a free to enter competition, so well worth thinking something up for that.  I’m focusing on creating characters that leap off the page following Della’s advice on Patsy’s blog.   Speaking of which, I had a great book for Christmas off my youngest son.  Snuff by Terry Prattchet.  The characters in that story, jump out of the book, do a twirl, rub their chin and ask, “Do you follow this story?” Then say, “Keep up.” before jumping back in again.  It’s terrific.  Who else would get away with no chapters, no blurb or introductions, just story.  Fantastic.  Now, I have a seriouse dish of chocolates to see to, and mince pies, they can’t be wasted you know.  Lots of seasons greeting to all my followers, and Happy New Year.


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Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

18 thoughts on “I won a competition.”

  1. Hey Debbie, thanks for popping by. Will let you know about Choc lit. I have an article to write for The Great War again, will let you know more nearer the time. Best wishes to your for 2012 as well. Good luck with your writing.

  2. Congratulations on your win, Suzy, I loved your story – the ending totally surprised me and made me laugh! And thanks for pointing me towards the Emerald site, it looks really interesting. Maybe I’ll enter some of the competitions myself in 2012!

  3. Good luck Jacqueline if you have a go. I will be thinking up some ideas. I’ve entered the train one already, still trying to think up unusual ideas. Happy New Year. Glad you liked the story. Outside our shop, there’s a great big puddle when it rains. The kids have great delight in splashing themselves silly, so I wrote it down. Trouble is, they soak our goods that are on show as well, little ***darlings***

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