Writelinkers Christmas magazine.

The Writelinker’s Christmas magazine is now out. You can view it here.  I’m proud to say, I’ve got a poem in there called ‘Mince pie mayhem, short story – The Yellow Jacket, and an article called ‘The Christmas Do’.  It’s full of fun stories, jokes, poems.  The three editors, Maureen, David and Laurie have done a great job putting this together.

We went out on the market on Sunday.  It was lovely for a couple of hours, until the wind got quite blustery.  I was talking to a lovely lady who wanted to know the price of our wreaths.  I began to go through through the different types and sizes when the whole lot, including sheet took off across the field.  Time to go home.  Good job it had been busy up until then.

We had our first Christmas card yesterday.  One of those with a manuscript written across the page.  From one of those people who attempt to organize the entire family and tell you who’s going where, with who, and ‘you can come, and get so and so as we’re busy busy busy.’ My first thoughts aren’t publishable. So I’ll sign off now, and say, let everyone have their Christmas where they want, with who they want, and don’t make a song and dance about one day.  Even if it was the day baby Jesus was born.  Just relax….






Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

10 thoughts on “Writelinkers Christmas magazine.”

  1. Congratulations on the WriteLink success!
    Very wise advice about relaxing at Christmas – not easy though when you’ve got a houseful of people! I like the lull between Christmas & New Year and eating up all the leftovers!

    1. Thanks Pat. This is the first year for ages that our daughter is home off her cruise ship for Christmas. We’ve got our tree up, logs piled up ready for the fire, mince pies from mum in law in the freezer, and two turkeys. Not that we’re greedy. Our large oven has broken, so we’re using the small one. I picked up a small turkey crown, and hubby said ‘I’m sure the one with legs will fit…’it didn’t. Though he tried forcing it in to prove that it would fit. He was like Mr. Bean, ramming the frozen turkey in until it was wedged all round. So, it was too big. So that one is in the freezer for Easter time, when we hopefully have had a new cooker, in the meantime, we’ve bought a small crown, that will be perfectly big enough. Our youngest son (who’s 29) lives with us. Our eldest son lives in Torquay, so hoping he’ll come. I know for sure though that we will be relaxing.

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