New blog design

Messing around with my new blog design, and adding gadgets and extra bits and bobs.  If anyone wants to be added to my list of writing friends, please send me an email or comment on the post, and I’ll put you on there.

We’re getting ready for Christmas in our shop, putting up the decorations and lights.

This is what my hubby would like for Christmas.  It was a photo taken in the summer by his favourite car, E type Jag.  I’ve not quite got enough wrapping paper for one of those yet, nor quite the amount of cash needed to buy one, will have to do a few more days in our shop and on the market first.

Hoping the weather will be fine on Sunday, then we’ll be on our favourite patch, selling all our lovely goods to the friendly people who come around.  Our lovely daughter treated me to a pedicure yesterday.  All I had to do was turn up and have my feet scrubbed, massaged, put into a whirling foot spa, then into warm wooly boots with the heat turned up.  Soooo relaxing, aren’t I lucky?


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

18 thoughts on “New blog design”

  1. Love the new look!
    I’m just imagining you trying to wrap an E type 🙂
    The pedicure sounds a real treat.
    Fingers crossed for good weather for you on Sunday x

    1. Hi Teresa, It would take a few rolls wouldn’t it? There’s a place where you can hire one for the day, I don’t think he’d want to take it back though. My toes have never looked so good. Shame it’s cold and I’ve got wooly socks and furry boots on. Thanks for the fingers crossed, will take plenty of flasks with tea and hot water for oxo’s.

    1. You’re so right Rosemary, in my dreams I’m a best selling author who sits around all day like Barbara Cartland, in reality, I’m having fun writing and selling things on the market. The people we meet all have stories to tell, I secretly log conversations in my memory to put in stories. There’s one customer who brings jars of pickled onions round to the traders, then wants money off his goods. Who even asked for pickles??? They are nice though.

  2. Hi Patsy, it’s only five weeks today until Christmas Eve, yes I know it is early, but I make lots of holly wreaths, and flower decorations, so would you believe people are ordering them, so I’m making them. It’s like with writing, we should be thinking of Easter stories now I suppose. I’m ducking now as I feel you throwing a cushion across the room…..:))

      1. March!! goodness me, now you’ve really pickled my brain. You would certainly thow things at our customers Patsy, we take turns to walk away counting to ten sometimes. Lots are lovely though, like the little lady who comes in every week to buy dishcloths or pegs and tells us, “I like to keep you going.” how sweet.

  3. Hi Debbie,

    We sell all sorts of things like scented josticks, we light them and everyone roams round wondering where the musky smell comes from. It’s a good way to sell them as everyone wants that nice smell in their homes. Then we have wordsearch books, puzzle books, batteries, bulbs, as in light bulbs and planting bulbs. Nic nacks like diarys, calenders, pens, pencils. I should just say, everything shouldn’t I?

    1. Hi Wightrabbit. I also have ticklish feet. It made me laugh a bit when she scrubbed the soles of my feet with an emery board. It was a lovely experience though, and my toes are painted a beautiful turquoise blue.

  4. Deocrations up all ready? Goodness! Last Chrstimas I bought my husband a gadget for turning old-style vinyl records into mp3 files. It’s kept him quiet all year!

    1. Hi Julia, only in our shop I hasten to add, not at home. We have to decorate up to sell them. That gadget sounds good. I’m debating what to get my hubby, a magazine subscription or a short holiday break.

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