The New Writer.

Though it’s smaller than some, I like the layout and friendly feel to the New Writer magazine.  I had a lovely email from Suzanne the Editor today.  Recently I sent in an article idea.  She said that she liked it, but had something similar, and would be interested to see anything else I want to send them.  Oooh, I get in this situation often.  I have quite a few lovely editors who say, can you sent something else?  I’ll have to be a bit quicker on the ball, and whizz up an idea that’s fresh and new.  How do you do that?  I’m going to talk to my Capricorn fairy, rub the fat buddah’s tum, and stick a crystal under my pillow and hope for some inspiration.  Or, I could just calm down and T H I N K up some ideas rather than playing around doing crosswords and suduko.  I feel an article coming on involving a fairy, buddah and a bowl of crystals.  Good luck to all who’re embarking on the na no wri mo.  I thought about it, and came out in a hot sweat, so decided to write more than normal, but not sign up for anything.

Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

12 thoughts on “The New Writer.”

  1. Hi Susan .. that’s great they’re interested and I’m sure the creativity will kick in with new ideas .. I rather fancy the Capricorn fairy, rubbing the fat buddah’s tum, and sleeping with a crystal .. good luck and as they say never give up. Enjoy the rest of the week (and me too = I’m not doing NaNo or anything excessive!) .. Hilary

  2. As the editor is using something similar to your idea you must be on her wavelength. Hope you do come up with another idea she likes. Maybe even something including the frustrations of the situation you’re in? Think others will relate to it – I have the same thing with fiction on occasion.

  3. Hi Hilary,
    That conjours up a wonderfully funny image doesn’t it. I could imagine that happening when we’ve all gone to sleep. Thanks for commenting, no, I love writing, and ideas spring to mind when I decide to do something else.

  4. That’s a good idea Patsy, quite unusual as well. I find that when I switch to another creative venture like knitting or crosswords then a writing idea flows into my mind. Though I don’t tend to get writer’s block, as I imagine I’m a regular columnist and write daily news on anything at all. Thanks for the help. It always amuses me to look back on old diarys and the minute details that I thought were worth writing down.

  5. Hi Sally,
    Yes I’ve heard the outside box saying. I’m not one for doing things that are usual, if there’s a harder way, you’ll usually find me there for some absurd reason. I like to make sure I’m learning along the way. I think I’m a bit of a lazy writer if I’ll admit to it. A real day dreamer. I was always the one at school sitting by the window, gazing out at the sky…. Thinking up stories that I’d write one day.

  6. A fairy, a Budha and a bowl of crystals? Yes please! Maybe not all at once but then again, why not?! 🙂

    Congratulations with your article!! I just know you’ll write something wonderful!

    Take care

    1. Hi Kitty, I’ve just polished up my crystal ball, so who knows what may happen. I’ve got a good article ready to type up, with a bit of help from Patsy.:) Think I’ll send that other one somewhere else as well. No stopping me now. I’m not ready for nano yet though.

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