People’s Friend Autumn Fiction.

Today I bought the People’s Friend Autumn Fiction.  Full of lovely stories.  Reading down the list of titles and authors I noticed Pat Posner, who’s blog link is on my list, that was the one I read first.  Cream tea Tuesday is such a fabulous story, it makes me realise why mine haven’t been accepted by People’s Friend yet, I’ve sent quite a few, but I’ll get the formula right one day.  It’s a great magazine that I’m looking forward to reading with my feet up on the settee.  Well done Pat on creating a real good start to Autumn reading.



Recently I submitted a story to Cafelit website.  The one where you have to write a story about a drink.  After three edits and lots of help from Debz Hobbs-Wyatt it’s ready to be published.  Will let you know when, it’s ended up a story that I’m really proud of.  I’ve got quite attatched to the characters, and I feel the need to write more on how they came to that point in their lives.  I will definately use the editing services of Debz to help with stories in the future, and here’s the link to take a look at more of what she does.


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

16 thoughts on “People’s Friend Autumn Fiction.”

  1. Hello Susan
    Just picked up on your People’s Friend post as I’m preparing something to submit right now. Like you hoping I’ll eventually hit the spot.
    Enjoyed exploring your site.

  2. I find the People’s Friend style so hard and have given up on them for now. I’m far too tempted to put a ghost or a murder in my stories, which is of course a real no-no. Pat’s stories are just perfect and congrats to her!

    Glad you found Debz helpful, and good luck with your stories – keep on going!

  3. Thanks Amanda, I’m not sure why I’m so persistent on keep sending to People’s Friend. I think it’s because I love the nostalgia with the stories. Yours are brilliant, and the last one I read, the victim deserved to be drowned in the boating lake. Keep on with yours as well. Congrats on the 21st being sold. I tried to comment on your blog, but got cut off. Talk soon. Has the Best of British published your piece on your Dad yet?

  4. Hi, Suz
    Thank you so much for your kind words about Cream-tea Tuesdays (and Mandy’s comment, too)! You must persevere with stories for PF, the eds are so lovely and very helpful as well.
    Suz, I know what you mean about getting attached to characters and wanting to write more about them. Hopefully, some of my Cresslethwaite characters will be making another appearance.
    Way way back on my blog – 4th August 2008 – I showed a pictorial map I made for a novel I was writing. The novel didn’t make it but I’ve used the setting for Cresslethwaite. At one time you could click on the pics and enlarge them, that function doesn’t seem to work now.
    It’s fun making an area to people with characters for short stories.

  5. Hi Pat,
    Your story was one of those that I read, then I have to hold the magazine up to disguise the tears creeping down my cheeks. So lovely, just wonderful. I want to live in Cresslethwaite.

  6. Hi Patsy,
    It took some editing, I think I have the hang of showing and not telling now. That Candis one is a bad example of tell not show, but sometimes we need to tell if we can’t show don’t you think? Viewpoint was my downfall, switching from one character to another, but finally it’s up to scratch. Will let you know as soon as it’s on there.

  7. Keep trying, Susan. As Pat says, the PF is a lovely mag to work for. They really value their writers and the editors are very helpful. And – of course – they publish an awful lot of stories!

  8. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for your encouragement. I will keep trying. Reading the stories helps, some are better than others. I love the atmosphere and gentle pace that most stories contain. Most of the stories transport you to a comfort zone, similar to the P.G. Wodehouse novels that I like. I’m sure that one day I’ll have a story published in P.F. The last one I sent, I thought it was the bees knees, then on reading it back – later, I had a monk who didn’t want to show children round his monastry, one child escaped and get drunk on the mead down the cellar, and I wondered why People’s Friend didn’t accept it!!! Ooops, not exactly what they wanted.

  9. You’re right there Patsy, I read lots of stories where some back information is needed and I don’t mind a bit of telling, for instance if it’s happened long ago, it would be impossible to show, but as you say, there is a good way or a better way to put that information to the reader. Thanks for commenting.

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