Story on Candis website.

Hi all,

Hope you’re getting back to normal now the children are back to school.  I just noticed my story ‘A view on Christmas’ is published on Candis website.  You can read it here if you like.  It’s not the happiest story, infact it’s a tad depressing, I must have been in a gloomy mood when I wrote it.  Also, I’m reading it and cringing thinking how I could improve it.  Hey ho, never mind. 


Author: susanjanejones

I write pocket novels for My Weekly and also enjoy writing short stories. Gardening and reading are my other pastimes.

15 thoughts on “Story on Candis website.”

  1. Congrats on the Candis story. I wasn’t aware that they published them on the website. Do they pay? I couldn’t see any reference to payment.

  2. Hi Rosemary, thanks. I took advice from Amanda at writingallsorts and kissed my capricorn fairy. I’ll post a picture of her one day. Things go in spells don’t they? I also heard that to light a yellow candle helps with creativity. Off to light that candle now…

  3. Hi Gail,
    Thanks. What happened was that I sent a different story to that one to Candis, and had a lovely letter back telling me that they are now only accepting stories from previous writers. The editor told me that I was welcome to submit that story or a different one to the website, so that’s what I did. No payment unfortunately, always good to have a story printed though. Mind you, I need to work on a bit more showing and not telling with that one.

  4. That was lovely! And very touching as a Christmas story. I’m sure many readers will be able to relate to that. I’ve had poignant ones published for Christmas. I have a feeling they’re seen as giving comfort to people who’ve experienced loss, where the jolly ones can’t. A mixture of both is what they want, I think!

    Thanks for the comment on my short story. And Phoebe the dog says hello! I love the picture of you at Portmeirion. I live quite near and it’s one of my favourite places. The photo of me was taken at the hotel after I stayed there one night for a special birthday. Which was an amazing experience!

    And inspiring …


  5. Hi Juliet,
    Thanks for your kind comments on my story. I adore Portmeirion. It’s the most quirky place isn’t it? I had an article published in My Weekly about it. My husband is from Dyffryn, South of Harlech, so we spend time in North Wales whenever we can. Your photo is lovely, didn’t realise it was Portmeirion as well.

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